Terberg Trucks Manuals PDF

Terberg Trucks Manuals PDF
Terberg Trucks

The Terberg Special Vehicles telematics software for terminal tractors has been renamed and restyled. The apps Terberg Connect GO and ON for fl eet managers, service engineers and drivers are now available in app stores. We have optimised the presentation of the data, based on feedback from distributors and customers.

By using Terberg Connect telematics customers can use valuable data to optimise their terminal and shunting yard operations. The software helps fl eet and maintenance managers to monitor, report out and improve fl eet effi ciency and uptime. Proactive maintenance can be scheduled automatically based on the number of operating hours. Vehicle notifi cations and codes help service engineers to diagnose remotely in order to better prepare a visit or remotely offer a solution.

Terberg’s main plant is at Benschop, the Netherlands, where our tractors are designed and built to customer specifications. The division has seven international subsidiaries to bring us closer to our customers. Some of these subsidiaries also supply and support other makes of equipment.

With the new generation of YT tractorsTerberg introduces a new approach to product development. This ensures an even higher quality, longer vehicle life, higher residual value and an improved time-to-market. As a result our customers benefit from an extremely long economic vehicle life and favourable return on investment.

Terberg Connect Manager
The web application Terberg Connect Manager (connect.terberg.com) gives vehicle service managers access to data about all their vehicles, in more than 10 languages. They can set alerts for upcoming scheduled services and these can be sent as e-mails or SMS text messages. The web application can generate a range of reports:

  • Predefined operational reports provide information about vehicle use, e.g. the driving time and stationary time, and acceleration.
  • Scheduled maintenance reports help optimise the uptime and performance of the fleet
  • Vehicle route reports can be studied to improve efficiency
  • Users can also defi ne their own reports to suit their needs
  • Fleet analysis reports compare data andfault codes for one vehicle with those for the rest of the fleet

Terberg Connect apps
In addition to the web application, apps are available for service engineers and drivers. The Connect GO app is designed for service technicians and also for fl eet and maintenance managers. The Connect ON app is developed for drivers and can be extended with access control. It helps a driver when checking the oil level, lights, tyres, etc. at the start of a shift, and to report any problems or damage

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Terberg TT 182 222 282 Truck Introduction Manual
Terberg TT RT 183 223 283 Truck Introduction Manual

Ready for the future
Over the last few years we have invested heavily in zero emission drivelines, advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. We have also kept the focus on the further development of reliable and robust products that can move containers and other loads at the lowest possible cost.

Many of our developments of the last years are now converging. Our newly developed yard tractor is ready for the future. You can choose from different low emission diesel drive lines or a full electric zero emission version. This year we will start testing tractors with fuel cell technology.

New YT
This new model yard tractor was developedto improve productivity in daily operations.We studied all the steps in the logistics processes in which yard tractors are usedand looked for ways to further optimize everything drivers do. We found ways to improve productivity and also to providethe driver with an even safer and more comfortable work environment. We havealso considered that people need to work longer before retiring. Our vehicles help older drivers to keep productive and also reduce absenteeism.

In mature economies we also see that the technicians who maintain the tractors are becoming scarcer and more expensive. We developed the new YT so that preventive maintenance can be done up to 20 – 25%more efficiently than with any other terminal tractor on the market.

AutoTUG developments
The new YT is also a good platform forthe integration of various advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions. Our AutoTUG with drive-by-wire concept makes it possible to develop custom solutions. Over the years we have learneda lot about this technology. We increasingly work with selected partners to supply automation solutions for different logistics processes. We are now implementing the initial projects and working on a numberof potential orders. These projects take relatively long to develop because we want to be certain that we deliver effective products which are safe in themselves and support the safety concepts of the terminals where they are used.

Continuous global support
In this magazine you can read aboutdeliveries to customers all over the world.We have supplied tractors in more than 130 countries. These deliveries require 24/7 global support. Terberg Benschop did not have to close when the corona crisis startedin the Netherlands, and production continued without interruption. We also continued to provide customer support in these extremely difficult times, and we are focusing on high parts stock availability to respond quickly to your requests. Going forward we are now developing new digital services for remote support. For example, we have started online customer training. It is important for you to know that we are a strong and financially healthy family-owned company that will keep investing in our relationship with you, to ensure our customer support is ready for the future.