Tata Xenon Owner's Manual and Service Book

Tata Xenon Owner's Manual and Service Book
Tata Xenon

This Owner’s Manual should be kept in the vehicle at all times. This book will help you to understand the vehicle better, maximise uptime of the vehicle & obtain better performance at optimum cost. The recommended routine maintenance servicing along with any running repairs that may be required, should be entrusted to a TATA MOTORS Authorised Workshop to ensure that only latest methods and genuine TATA MOTORS replacement parts are used for the continued reliability, safety and performance of the vehicle. Some of the items / accessories / features shown / given in this book may not be fitted on your vehicle, but they are applicable for other versions of XENON. (C) Copyright 2004 TATA MOTORS All rights reserved. The material in this manual may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, in any form without written permission from TATA MOTORS. The information and specifications given in this book are valid as on the date of printing. TATA MOTORS Limited reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications and/or to make additions to or improvements in this product without obligation to install them on products previously sold. In the event of the Vehicle being sold, please ensure that this manual is left in the vehicle for the reference of the new owner, Tata Xenon Owners Manual,Tata Xenon User Manual,Tata Xenon,tata dealership,tata xenon workshop manual pdf,tata xenon wiring diagram,tata workshop manual pdf.

We are pleased to hand over to you a TATA XENON vehicle manufactured by TATA MOTORS where quality is the watchword and major attention is paid even to minor details at all stages of manufacture. Please carefully read this book, it helps you to know your vehicle better, to ensure your vehicle is ready for operation at all times and to obtain better performance at optimum operating costs. All service and maintenance tasks should be carried out at the specified service intervals. Some of the items / accessories / features shown / given in this book may not be applicable for your vehicle, but may apply to other versions of this model. For any further assistance, kindly contact the nearest TATA MOTORS authorised workshop dealership or our offices. We wish you good luck and prosperity.

TATA XENON is a versatile vehicle. It incorporates well known and proven features of Tata Motors precision and advanced technology. Easy maneuverability and economic life cycle cost make this vehicle ideal for urban and rural areas for operation as pick-up truck, delivery van, service van, etc.

TATA XENON comes equipped with a TATA DICOR engine with BS-III compliant norms and having a 5 speed full synchromesh gearbox with overdrive 5th for excellent fuel efficiency and tough road gripping tyres for added traction.

The DICOR Engine has a sophisticated common rail fuel system. It consists of ECU, sensors and actuators. The electronic control unit (ECU) is a 32 bit microprocessor which controls engine fuel injection parameters and other vehicle related parameters. The ECU receives input from various sensors fitted to the engine and on the vehicle to decide fuel injection quantity, fuel timing and number of injections best suited for the engine to work with maximum fuel efficiency and safety.

TATA MOTORS is committed to producing vehicles using environmentally sustainable technologies. A number of features have been incorporated in TATA Vehicles which have been designed to ensure environmental compatibility throughout their life cycle. We would like to inform you that your vehicle meets appropriate environmental norms and this is being regularly validated at all stages of manufacturing.

As a user, you too can protect the environment by operating your vehicle in a proactive manner. A lot depends on you driving style and the way you maintain your vehicle. The following points are provided for your guidance.


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