SEAT Mii Owner's Manuals

SEAT Mii Owner's Manuals

My SEAT Mii. Two small words that mean a lot. Love colour? Take your pick. Road tripping with friends? There’s space for all. Got your own style? Easily find the trim to match. Because when you know what you want, you always end up in the right place. SEAT Mii Owners Manual,SEAT Mii user manual,SEAT Mii service Manual,SEAT Mii repair Manual,SEAT Mii maintenance Manual,SEAT Mii workshop Manual,SEAT Mii fault codes,SEAT Mii wiring diagrams.

Some cars come with plenty of attitude as standard. The SEAT Mii FR-Line has a dynamic exterior and sporty details that add a powerful new dimension to the Mii collection. And some more spice to your drive.

High rollers
16" Machined Atom Grey alloy wheels perfectly combine with the dynamic black and red exterior to create an eye-catching look on the road.

That’s your colour.
Red details on the dashboard and red piping on the seats give a sporty feel.

Elegance. Style. You got it. The Mii Chic comes with design that leaves a big impression on the eyes and technology that brings a lot more simplicity to your life.

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Seat Mii 2019 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2018 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2017 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2016 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2015 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2014 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2013 Owners Manual
Seat Mii 2012 Owners Manual

Every inch of the SEAT Mii Style has been designed to give you more. From the black dashboard to the light grey frame and exterior mirrors in body colour. If style is top of your list, this Mii is for you. Make your Mii even more eye-catching by combining a stylish roof colour with your favourite body colour. Choose Black or White to complement the colour of your Mii and show off your most creative side.

Big plans? Your SEAT Mii is here to make them happen. Choose some extra style for your night out in the city. Add some transportation accessories for your weekend away. Or just give your Mii a look that makes it unique. Your Mii. With all the trimmings. Hitting the slopes? Attach a ski rack to your Mii’s roof. Biking’s your thing? The Mii’s bike rack has got you covered. Surf’s up and need to get to the beach? Don’t worry, the Mii’s surf rack makes carrying everything a breeze. Ready? Let’s go.

Roof box.
There are no limits to how far your Mii can take you. This roof box has been specially designed to carry everything you need, safely secured to your Mii’s roof. Life’s too short to spend it in a workshop. The SEAT Service uses only SEAT Genuine Parts to keep your Mii at its best. So you can get out and go.


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