Saab 9-5 Owners Manual

Saab 9-5 Owners Manual
Saab 9-5

This manual provides practical guidance on driving and caring for your Saab. Although this manual describes the most important differences between model variants, it does not include precise specifications of the different variants. Some differences also occur to meet special legal requirements in different countries.

Saab 9-5 User Manual
We recommend that you read through the manual before taking the car out for the first time and that you keep it in the car for future reference. To find a specific item, use the overviews given at the start of the manual. A list of contents is given at the beginning of each section of the manual, and there is also a comprehensive index at the back of the book. Supplied with the car is a Warranty and Service Record booklet and a tire warranty folder which specifies the regular maintenance to be carried out. The book also contains important warranty conditions.

Since the policy at Saab is one of continual improvement, we retain the right to incorporate modifications and to alter specifications during production without prior notice. 3 Asterisk means: equipment not fitted in all cars (can depend on model variant, engine variant, market specification, options or accessories). If you have any questions concerning your car, its equipment, the warranty conditions or the like, your Saab dealer will be pleased to help.

Saab Automobile AB does not accept liability for any damage caused by the fitting of spare parts, exchange parts or accessories that are not approved by Saab Automobile AB. The specifications, design particulars and illustrations included in the manual are not binding.

Three-point inertia-reel safety belts are provided for all seats. The results of studies show that it is equally important to wear safety belts in the rear seat as in the front seats. Bear in mind that in certain states/provinces it is a legal requirement for all occupants of the car to wear a safety belt.

When the car is brought to a Saab dealer for scheduled maintenance, present the Saab Warranty and Service Record Booklet to the service manager. When the technician has completed the service, the technician will sign the maintenance record. The person responsible for quality assurance at the dealership will also sign and stamp the record with the dealer identification stamp.

Saab Automobile AB Service costs
Dealer pricing practices and labor for service work vary. Saab’s recommended service times for each service point do not include the labor required to replace wear items, such as wiper blades, brake pads or tires. Nor is labor to perform other service or repairs found to be necessary as a result of the inspections included in these times. Additional labor and parts will be charged for such work when necessary, except as covered under an applicable Saab warranty or any optional extended service contract.

Transmission fluid changes or suspension alignment, when necessary, are also additional. Dealer charges for general shop material, regulated hazardous waste removal, recycling expenses or other operation costs may also be applied to service and repair invoices and are apt to vary by dealer and location.


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