Peugeot 1007 Dag Owners Manual

Peugeot Dag. The services offered by the hands-free kit depend on the network, the SIM card and the compatibility of the Bluetooth equipment used. Consult your telephone's manual and your operator to fi nd out which services are available to you. A list of mobile telephones which offer the best range of services is available from the network. Consult a PEUGEOT dealer.

For safety reasons and because they require prolonged attention on the part of the driver, the operations for matching of the Bluetooth mobile telephone with your WIP Sound hands-free kit must be carried out with the vehicle stationary and the ignition on.

Peugeot Dag Owners Manual

The GTW and towed load values indicated are valid up to an altitude of 1 000 metres the towed load mentioned must be reduced by 10 % for each additional 1 000 metres. The speed of a towing vehicle must not exceed 60 mph (100 km/h) *** . High exterior temperatures may result in a reduction in the performance of the vehicle in order to protect the engine when the exterior temperature is above 37 °C, limit the towed load.

The Diesel engines are perfectly compatible with biofuels which conform to current and future European standards (diesel fuel which complies with standard EN 590 mixed with a biofuel which complies with standard EN 14214) which can be distributed at the pumps (possible incorporation of 0 to 7 % Fatty Acid Methyl Ester). The use of any other type of (bio) fuel (vegetable or animal oils, domestic fuel...) is strictly prohibited (risk of damage to the engine and fuel circuit).

Peugeot Dag Owners Manual

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