1993 Oldsmobile Achieva Owner’s Manual

1993 Oldsmobile Achieva Owner’s Manual
Oldsmobile Achieva

Engineering with a purpose. It’s at the heart of every Oldsmobile. Your new Oldsmobile continues a 96-year tradition of engineering excellence. That tradition was born in Lansing, Michigan, on August 2 1, 189 7, when Ransom E. Olds began building a horseless carriage “in as nearly a perfect manner as possible.” Soon, Oldsmobiles rolled off the nation’s first assembly line.

Innovation and refinement have always set Oldsmobiles apart. In 1939, Oldsmobile introduced the celebrated Hydra-Matic transmission, a four-speed forerunner of today’s advanced systems. In 1948, the high-spirited Rocket V8 engine set standards for performance.

In 1966, Toronado made front wheel anve news, including Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year.” Still breaking new ground. the 1974 “Toro” became the first car equipped with a production “air bag.” Recent Oldsmobile engineering has created exciting advancements like the responsive Quad 4 engine. Versions of the 4-cylinder, 16-valve Quad 4 propelled Oldsmobiles on roads and racetracks to new standards of economy and performance. Today, the all-wheel-drive security of SmartTrak in the Oldsmobile Bravada continues that proud tradition of meaningful technology.


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