1970 Oldsmobile 98 Ninety-Eight Owner’s Manual

1970 Oldsmobile 98 Ninety-Eight Owner’s Manual
1970 Oldsmobile 98 Ninety-Eight Owner’s Manual

This is the General Motors mark of excellence that appears on all Oldsmobile motor vehicles.
We use it in the same spirit with which craftsmen, through the centuries, have used a personal mark to identify the products of their skills: We are proud of the things we make, and we want our customers to be able to identify them easily and to know that we stand behind them.

Whenever you see this mark of excellence, you can be certain that it represents GM design and engineering and that it has been built with care and dedication you have come to expect from Oldsmobile.

Your new 1970 Oldsmobile meets or exceeds all applicable U. S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Effectiveness of these safety features can best be continued through regular vehicle inspection and maintenance.

This manual has been prepared to acquaint you with the operation and maintenance of your 1970 Oldsmobile. We urge you to read it carefully and follow the recommendations contained to help assure the most enjoyable and trouble-free operation of your vehicle. Listed below are subjects that deserve your special attention.

  • AIR POLLUTION CONTROL: A special colored supplement describes the operation and maintenance of the air pollution control systems on your car.
  • ALPHABETICAL INDEX: A complete index will be found in the back of the manual to assist you in locating specific information on your vehicle.
  • CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR VEHICLE OWNERSHIP: .S. Federal Law requires the manufacturer to contact vehicle owners of record in the event a product safety defect is discovered. Your Oldsmobile Dealer should be notified if you change your address or purchased this car used.
  • DEALER ASSISTANCE: Your Oldsmobile Dealer knows your vehicle' best and is interested in your complete satisfaction. Return to him for Guardian Maintenance Service and any other assistance you may require. To assist dealers in handling your needs. Oldsmobile maintains zone offices at the locations listed on the inside back cover. Should you have any questions which your dealer is unable to answer, the zone office nearest you, or the Owner Relations
  • MAINTAINING SAFETY AND DEPENDABILITY: A speed colored supplement contains recommendations to help you maintain the safety and dependability originally built into your Oldsmobile.
  • PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT: Only you can assure that the investment in your Oldsmobile is adequately protected. Regular and proper service as outlined in the manual will help you get the utmost in satisfaction and extended service from your car.
  • WARRANTY: When purchased new, your Oldsmobile is covered by the Oldsmobile New Vehicle Warranty and the Policy on Oldsmobile Owner Service. Complete details will be found in the Oldsmobile New Vehicle \Varrunty and Owner Protection Plan folder which was given to you by your Oldsmobile Dealer at the time of new car delivery.

Drive extra cautiously when winter comes, until you adjust to winter driving conditions. Remember side streets may be slippery for days after main streets have been cleared, and drive accordingly. In heavy snow or on icy roads. drive more cautiously. allow more room to stop, and use the brakes conservatively. and reduce the possibility of skids by using chains or special tires.

To get moving in snow, press very lightly on the accelerator pedal, increase pressure very slowly, and don't spin the wheels. If the wheels spin, they will turn the snow to slick ice or dig your wheels in deeper. Sand, rock salt, Liquid Tire Chain, or a piece of carpeting under the drive wheels can help if you do not get bogged down.

Anti-Theft Steering Column Lock
The Anti-Theft Lock, located on the right side of the steering column, has five positions. Starting from the full counterclockwise pOSition (the position nearest you) they are, accessory, lock, off, on and start. To provide added theft protection for your car, the system is designed to prevent normal operation of the steering and shift controls when the ignition switch is in the "lock" pOSition. The transmission selector lever must be in "park" on automatic transmission models, or reverse on manual transmission models, before the key can be turned to the "lock" position. The ignition switch "accessory" position permits operation of electrical accessories when the engine is not running. It can be engaged only by pushing in on the ignition key and turning the key toward you (counter clockwise). The "off" position is provided so that the ignition can be turned off with lock locking the steering column or transmission selector lever. The key can be withdrawn only when the switch is in the "lock" position.


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