Massey Ferguson Tractor MF8400 instruction

Massey Ferguson Tractor MF8400 instruction
Massey Ferguson Tractor MF8400

This book is published and distributed worldwide and the availabilityof the equipment indicated,whether on the basic tractor or as accessories, may vary according to the country in which the tractor is used. To find out which equipment is available in a given region, contact an AGCO dealer.

Massey Ferguson Tractor MF8400 Operator's Manual
The Safety chapter in the Operator Instruction Book stresses certain basic safety related situations which may be encountered during the operation and normal servicing of the tractor and gives the information needed to cope with these situations. This chapter SUPPLEMENTS any safety instructions given in other chapters of this book.

It may be necessary to take additional precautions depending on the equipment used and the working conditions on the site or in the servicing area. AGCO can under no circumstances exercise direct control over the commissioning, operation, inspection, lubrication or servicing of the tractor. It is therefore YOUR responsibility to take suitable safety measures in such areas.

Massey Ferguson Tractor MF8400 Owner's Manual
The purpose of this book isto allow the owner and the operator to run the tractor safely.Providing they follow the instructions carefully, the tractor will operate for many years in the AGCO tradition.

Commissioning the equipment at the user’s by the dealer provides the possibility of ensuring that these operating and servicing instructions are properly understood. Always consult the dealer if any part of this book is not understood.It is important for these instructions to be understood and followed. Daily maintenance should become a routine and a log book of operating hours should be kept. When new spare parts are required, it is important to use AGCO original spare parts only. AGCO dealers supply only genuine original parts and can give advice concerning their fitting and use.

The use of parts of lower quality may cause serious damage. Customers are advised to only purchase their spare parts from an approved AGCO dealer. Due to the considerable differences in operating conditions, it is not possible for the manufacturer to formulate complete or absolute assertionsin its publications concerning the performance or operating methods of its machines or accept liability for any loss or damage which may result from such assertions or possible errors or omissions.

Massey Ferguson Tractor MF8400 User Manual
To prevent the warranty becoming void, you should consult your AGCO dealer to obtain special instructions if the tractor is to be used under abnormal conditions which could be detrimental to it (use in deep water or in paddy fields for instance).

These tractors are only designed for usual farming purposes (designed use). Any other use is considered as being contrary to the designed use. AGCO declines all liability in cases of physical damage or injuries resulting from improper use the consequences of which shall be borne by the user alone.

The conformity and strict adherence to the operating, servicing and repair requirementsspecified by AGCO are also essential factors for designed use.


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