MAN TGA Guidelines to fitting bodies Manual

MAN TGA Guidelines to fitting bodies Manual
MAN TGA Guidelines to fitting bodies Manual PDF

Observance of this Guide does not free the user from responsibility to perform modifi cations and manufacture bodies properly from a technical point of view. The approval note only refers to such measures or components as are to be found in the submitted technical documents.

MAN reserves the right to refuse to issue approvals for bodies or modifi cations, even if a comparable approval has already been issued. Later submissions for approval are not automatically treated the same as earlier ones, because technical advances achieved in the interim period have to be taken into account. MAN also reserves the right to change this Guide at any time or to issue instructions that differ from this Guide for individual chassis. If several identical chassis have the same bodies or modifi cations MAN can, to simplify matters, issue a collective approval.

Suffi cient space for all parts required to carry out a movement, including all pipes and cables, must be guaranteed. The operating instructions for MAN trucks provide information about the maintenance points on the vehicle. Regardless of what type of body is fi tted, good access to the maintenance points must be ensured in all cases. It must be possible to carry out maintenance unhindered and without having to remove any components. Suffi cient ventilation and/or cooling of the components is to be guaranteed.

Manuals from body and conversion companies
In the event of a body being added or modifi cations to the vehicle being carried out, the operator of the vehicle is also entitled to receive operating instructions from the conversion company. All specifi c advantages offered by the product are of no use if the customer is not able to:

  1. Handle the product safely and properly
  2. Use it rationally and effortlessly
  3. Maintain it properly
  4. Master all of its functions.

As a result, every vehicle body builder and converter must check his technical instructions for:

  1. Clarity
  2. Completeness
  3. Accuracy
  4. Comprehensibility
  5. Product-specifi c safety instructions.

Inadequate or incomplete operating instructions carry considerable risks for the user. Possible effects are:

  1. Reduced benefi t, because the advantages of the product remain unknown
  2. Complaints and annoyance
  3. Faults and damage, which are normally blamed on the chassis
  4. Unexpected and unnecessary additional cost through repairs and time lost
  5. A negative image and thereby less inclination to buy the same product or brand again.

Depending on the vehicle body or modifi cation, the operating personnel must be instructed about operation and maintenance. Such instruction must also include the possible effects on the static and dynamic performance of the vehicle.

Limitation of liability for accessories/spare parts
Accessories and spare parts that MAN has not manufactured or approved for use in its products may affect the traffi c safety and operational safety of the vehicle and create hazardous situations. MAN Truck & Bus AG (or the seller) accepts no liability for claims of any kind resulting from a combination of the vehicle together with an accessory that was made by another manufacturer, regardless of whether MAN Truck & Bus AG (or the seller) has sold the accessory itself or fi tted it to the vehicle(or the subject of the contract).

Wheel formula
The wheel formula stipulates the number of axles and provides additional identifi cation of drive, steered and leading/trailing axles. Wheel formula is a commonly used, but not standardised term. It is “wheel locations” that are counted and not the individual wheels. Twin tyres are therefore regarded as one wheel.

The number of steered wheels is only stated if, aside from steered front wheels, leading axles or trailing axles are also involved. A leading axle is located “ahead of” a rear drive-axle assembly and a trailing axle is “behind” the rear drive-axle assembly. A slash “/” represents a leading axle and a hyphen “-” represents a trailing axle. If a chassis is fi tted with both leading and trailing axles the number of steered wheels follows the hyphen “-”. If the vehicle is fi tted with MAN HydroDrive® hydrostatic front axle drive then the wheel formula receives an additional H, e.g. 6x4H = a front axle with MAN HydroDrive®, 2 rear axles, one of which is driven.


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