MAN L2000 M2000 F2000 construction period

1992-2005 MAN L2000 M2000 F2000 construction period
This Guide to Fitting Bodies for Trucks (hereinafter also called the Guide) is published by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge. The Guide is also available via our MANTED® Technical Data software and on the Internet. The user is responsible for ensuring that he is working with the latest issue. Our TDB Department (see Publisher above) can provide information about the current status of the document. This Guide serves as instructions and as a technical aid for companies that carry out the design and installation of bodies for truck chassis as well as companies that carry out modifi cations to truck chassis.

Vehicle designations
To identify and differentiate MAN vehicles, components and assemblies, Sections 2.1 to 2.5 of this chapter will describe some of the designations in greater detail. The fi gures contained in model designations serve only as an indication and are not defi nite fi gures for actual maximum load carrying capacity for specifi c components or assemblies; in addition, they do not always agree with the legally specifi ed limits.

Model number, model code, vehicle identifi cation number, basic vehicle number, vehicle number
For more accurate identifi cation, the wheel formula can be used alongside the vehicle designation. This is a familiar, but not standardised term. Twin tyres are regarded as one wheel, i.e. it is the „wheel locations“ that are counted. The wheel formula does not indicate which axles are driven. On all-wheel drive vehicles, not all axles are necessarily driven; instead, it may be that all-wheel drive components are merely present in the drivetrain.

Vehicle designation for the L2000, M2000, F2000, and E2000 model ranges
The following section explains how the vehicle designations are formulated. Vehicle designations comprise a prefi x and a suffi x. Information given by MAN in reply to telephone enquiries is not binding unless confi rmed in writing. Enquiries are to be directed to the relevant MAN department. Information refers to conditions of use that are usual within Europe. Particular consideration is given to the regulations in force in Germany, such as the Strassenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung (Road Traffi c Licensing Regulations). Dimensions, weights and other basic data that differ from these must be taken into consideration when designing the body, mounting the body and designing the subframe. The company carrying out the work must ensure that the entire vehicle can withstand the conditions of use that it is expected to experience. For certain types of equipment, such as loading cranes, tail-lifts, cable winches etc, the respective manufacturers have developed their own body regulations. If, when compared with this MAN Guide, they impose further conditions, then these too must be observed.

Quality assurance (QA)
In order to meet our customers’ high quality expectations and in view of international product liability legislation an on-going quality monitoring programme is also required for conversions and body manufacture/installation. This requires a functioning quality assurance system. It is recommended that the body manufacturer sets up and provides evidence of a quality system that complies with the general requirements and recognised rules (e.g. DIN EN ISO 9000 et seq. or VDA 8). Evidence of a qualifi ed system can be provided for example by:

  1. Self-certifi cation in accordance with the VDA checklist or that of another vehicle manufacturer
  2. A positive system audit carried out by other vehicle manufacturers (second party audit)
  3. Auditing of the QA system by an accredited institute (third party audit)
  4. Possession of a corresponding certifi cate.

If MAN is the party awarding the contract for the body or conversion, one of the above is required as evidence of qualifi cation. MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG reserves the right to carry out its own system audit in accordance with VDA 8 or a corresponding process check at the supplier’s premises. At MAN, the QS department is responsible for the approval of body manufacturers as suppliers. VDA volume 8 has been agreed with the following body manufacturers’ associations: ZKF (Zentralverband Karosserie- und Fahrzeugtechnik – Central Association of Body and Vehicle Engineering) and BVM (Bundesverband Metall Vereinigung Deutscher Metallhandwerke – Federation of German Metal Trades Associations). It has also been agreed with the ZDH (Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks – Central Association of German Craft Trades).

1992-2005 MAN L2000 M2000 F2000 construction period

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