Lincoln Zephyr Owner’s and Service Manual

Throughout America, a new kind of car swings from the driveway and enters the open road. Great power and comfort go with it. Advanced ideas, not to be found outside the Lincoln line, are a basic part of it. This newcar,the 1941edition of the LincolnZephyr, naturally embodies new luxuries and refinements - suggested by experience and a continuing research.

But fundamentally, the Lincoln-Zephyr's basic appeal comes from unique design and construction. There is no other car like it - at any price! The engine is different. It has twelve cylinders. Performance is smooth, quiet, powerful. Yet more than 100,000 Lincoln-Zephyr owners have proved that extra cylinders and economy can go hand in hand.

The car’s design is different. Body and frame in Lincoln-Zephyr closed body types are a unit. This welded, truss, arch-bridge construction reduces weight, lowers the floor, improves economy of operation, gives great strength. And the Lincoln-Zephyr ride is different!

One mile tells you that. Rough roads and stretches of gravel smooth out. Chair-high scats, soft and cool, rest you you ride amidships and the car’s center of gravity is low. All this comes to you at medium price.With it youenjoyacarsuperblybuilt,today'sslyleleader - built by Lincoln engineers in the Lincoln precision plant Your new ride is waiting!

This Lincoln Zcphyr is a car for six passengers. All its dimensions are big - the over-all size, the room inside, the depth of windows and one-piece Panorama windshield, the spacious rear compartment for luggage and spare wheel. All its ways are admirable. Crossing town or continent, the Style leader moves with authority and grace.

Lincoln Zephyr Owner’s and Maintenance Manual

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A compact car that has surprising roominess. Six ride in comfort. You enter through wide front door, to relax on the front seat, holding three, or on the full-width rear scat. The front scat-!»ark divides, each half lipping forward diagonally. Luggage and spare tire with w heel stow neatly in the rear deck.

Order your Lincoln-Zephyr, any model, in any of a wide range of colors. For 1941, there is a choice of two handsome upholsteries, cord or broadcloth. The Convertible Coupe offers interiors of Green, Blue, Black, Red and Tan leathers, or a sparkling combination of leather and whipcord At added cost, you may select luxurious Lincoln-Zcphyr Custom Interiors: shadow-stripe broadcloth in harmonizing tones of Blue. Maroon, Green or Tan. The instrument panel and garnish moldings in Custom Interiors arc finished in Silver Birch, grained. Hardware is finisher in pale gold.

The Irim, graceful Coupe is essentially the private transportation of busy man or woman. Three passengers rials* on the wide scat. The scat-hack divides, either half lipping forward diagonally. A large luggage compartment is bchina!the seat. (If desired, two auxiliary seats may be installed here at slight addeai cost.) A second, extremely large luggage compartment is in the rear deck, ready fa*r the hang trip.

Lincoln Zephyr