Lexus LC Owner’s Service Manuals

Lexus LC Owner’s Service Manuals
Lexus LC Owner’s and Repair Manuals

The Lexus LC 500 does more than set new benchmarks of luxury, styling and performance; it pushes the boundaries of the driving experience as we know it. The LC 500 goes beyond being a luxury sports model to being the flagship sports coupé. Complete with a 351kW and 540Nm, 5-litre V8 engine, and accentuated by Lexus’s first 10-speed automatic transmission, this vehicle offers a lightning-quick response and seamless power. Experience enhanced driving dynamics with a rear-wheel drive platform for increased exhilaration and optimally positioned component weight, creating the feeling of the car pivoting around the driver’s hips. The Lexus LC 500 is more than the sum of its parts – it’s the powerful realisation of a desire to create something visionary, something extraordinary.

The LC 500 is a next-generation vehicle with futuristic features. The GA-L (Global Architecture-Luxury)platform not only enhances the driving dynamics of the car but it also brings the unique design to life. The all-new AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) system with ACA (Active Cornering Assist)allows for improved handling on winding roads, as well as a smoother driving experience.For more stability, especially during high-speed driving,VGRS (Variable Gear Ratio Steering) and DRS (Dynamic Rear Steering) have been integrated and optimised. The updated EPS (Electric Power Steering) allows drivers to take complete control. With a premium rear-wheel drive platform and a low centre of gravity, exhilaration is only a touch of the pedal away.Our 10-speed automatic transmission still has the world’s fastest shift time, which makes it easy for Lexus drivers to accelerate into new realms of excitement. lexus rx 350,lexus rx,lexus suvs,lexus suv,2020 lexus,lexus gx,2020 lexus rx,lexus dealers near me,lexus nx,2020 lexus gx,2020 lexus rx 350,lexus trucks,lexus rx sales,2020 lexus gx 460.

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Lexus LC500h 2022 Owner’s Manual

Beauty becomes far more seductive when paired with power, and the LC 500 has no shortage of either. The exterior features are impressive, combining distinct styling with alluring high technology.
The signature hourglass shape of the spindle grille is accentuated by the way the front and rear fenders flare out, while the rear subtly reinterprets and complements the front grille. The coupé’s long wheelbase underlines a sweeping roofline that tapers from the central position of the occupants, for a uniquely human-centred silhouette.

iCraftsmanship, which is apparent in every detail throughoutthe interior, accentuating the elegant lines of the luxuriouscabin. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials andoffering a modern, driver-focused cockpit, the interior of theLC 500 reflects the exterior design theme of dynamic luxury.The driving position was re-examined with just the right amountof ergonomics for the pedal layout and steering wheel angle,ensuring a comfortable distance between the driver andthe vehicle.

Special attention was put into the 3-spoke heated leathersteering wheel design to accommodate all variations of wristgrip and twisting, while larger magnesium alloy paddle shiftershave been shaped for easier reach.

Inspired by the acclaimed LF-LC concept that debuted in 2012, the LC 500 goes beyond being a new luxury model to being the flagship sports coupé for the new Lexus. Lexus didn’t envision turning the LF-LC into a production car,but after the overwhelmingly positive reaction to it, the Lexus team got to work.The LC 500 is the result of the combined passion of engineers and designers.It is now the most dynamic performance vehicle since the LFA Supercar.


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