Land Rover Freelander 1998 Body Repair Manual

Land Rover Freelander 1998 Body Repair Manual
Land Rover Freelander 1998

This Body Repair Manual is designed to provide the experienced Body Shop technician with the information required to carry out efficient and cost-effective repairs.

Each major section is preceded by a contents page, which lists titles of the topics and procedures contained in the relevant sub-sections. Technical data is subject to change; to facilitate the periodic revision of technical information, each sub-section is numbered from page 1 so that revised sub-sections can be replaced if required.

The individual steps of procedures are to be performed in the sequence in which they appear. Where item numbers appear in the Figure of a procedure, those items are referred to in the text.

When replacement parts are required it is essential that only Land Rover recommended parts are used. The following points concerning repairs and the
fitting of replacement parts and accessories is emphasised:

  1. Safety features and corrosion prevention treatments embodied in the vehicle may be impaired if other than Land Rover recommended parts are fitted.
  2. In certain territories, legislation prohibits the fitting of parts which are not compliant with the manufacturer’s specification
  3. Torque figures shown in this Manual should be used where specified.
  4. Locking devices (circlips, split pins etc.) must be fitted where specified.
  5. If a locking device is damaged during removal, or its efficiency is impaired, it must be renewed.
  6. Owners purchasing accessories while travelling abroad should ensure that the accessory and its installation or application conform to the legal requirements of the territory.
  7. The Terms of the vehicle Warranty may be invalidated by the fitting of other than Land Rover recommended parts.
  8. All Land Rover recommended parts are covered under the terms of the vehicle Warranty.
  9. Land Rover Dealers are obliged to supply only Land Rover recommended parts.


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