Lancia MUSA Owners Manual

Lancia MUSA Owners Manual
Lancia MUSA User Manual

Thanks to this approach, LANCIA Musa has passed very stringent safety tests. It is top in its class and is probably ahead of future models. Furthermore, the continuous search for new, effective solutions for better environmental protection makes LANCIA Musa a model to be imitated also from this point of view. All versions are equipped with environmental protection devices which abate harmful exhaust gas emissions well beyond the limits established by the laws in force.

The design and production methods of the LANCIA Musa have been developed with concern to the traditional performance and safety aspects, taking into account the increasingly more urgent issues related to environmental protection and conservation. The chosen materials, techniques and devices are the result of a work which allows to drastically limit harmful effects on the environmental and comply with the strictest international standards.

Correct maintenance of the car is essential for ensuring it stays in tip-top condition and safeguards its safety features, its environmental friendliness and low running costs for a long time to come. lancia zagato for sale,lancia rally car for sale,lancia for sale,lancia car,Lancia MUSA Owners Manual,Lancia MUSA User Manual,Lancia MUSA Service Manuals

If, after buying the car, you decide to add electric accessories (that will gradually drain the battery), visit a Lancia Dealership. They can calculate the overall electric requirement and check that the car’s electric system can support the required load.

Each time the car is started turning the ignition key to MAR, the Lancia CODE system control unit sends a recognition code to the engine control unit to activate the functions. The code is sent only if the Lancia CODE system control unit has recognised the code transmitted from the key. Each time the ignition key is turned to STOP, the Lancia CODE system deactivates the functions of the engine electronic control unit.

Deterrent LED indications
When locking the doors, the deterrent LED on the button A-fig. 13 lights up for about 3 seconds and than starts flashing (deterrence function). Once doors are locked, if one or more doors or the tailgate are not closed correctly, the led and direction indicators start flashing quickly.

IMPORTANT Strong radio transmission outside the vehicle (e.g. mobile phones, amateur radios, etc.) may interfere with the frequency of the remote control. Remote control operation may be impaired.

Warning light A indicates overheating of the engine coolant. In this case, stop the engine and contact a Lancia Dealership. This shows the temperature of the engine coolant fluid and starts working when the fluid temperature exceeds approx. 50°C. In normal conditions, the needle may point to different positions according to use and the engine cooling system management.


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