KTM Suspension Service Manuals PDF

KTM SUSPENSION MANUALS. Read this Repair Manual carefully and thoroughly before beginning work. It contains useful information and tips that will help you repair and maintain your suspension. This manual assumes that the necessary special WP tools and WP workplace and workshop equipment are available.

We shall not provide a description of general workshop methods. Likewise, safety rules that apply in a workshop are not specified here. It is assumed that repair work will be performed by a fully trained mechanic.

Special tools are necessary for certain tasks. The tools are not contained in the delivery contents but can be ordered under the number in parentheses. E.g.: (T1290 INNER T. DISASSEMBLY TOOL D35/D40 ) During assembly, non-reusable parts (e.g. self-locking screws and nuts, seals and seal rings, O-rings, pins, lock washers) must be replaced by new arts.

KTM Motorcycle. After disassembly, clean the parts that are to be reused and check them for damage and wear. Change damaged or worn parts. After you complete the repair or service work, check the operating safety of the vehicle.

KTM Suspension Manuals PDF

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The work prescribed in the service schedule must be carried out by an authorized WP workshop only otherwise, all warranty claims will be void. No warranty claims can be considered for damage resulting from manipulations and/or alterations to the vehicle.

This repair manual offers extensiv repair-instructions and is an up-to-date version that describes the latest models of the series. However, the right to modifications in the interest of technical improvement is reserved without updating the current issue of this manual.

A description of general working modes common in work shops has not been included. Safety rules common in the work shop have also not been listed. We take it for granted that the repairs are made by qualified profesionally trained mechanics.

KTM Suspension Service Repair Manuals