2014 KTM 85 SX Service Manual

2014 KTM 85 SX Service Manual
2014 KTM 85 SX Service Repair PDF Manual

2014 KTM 85 SX Never check the CDI controller with conventional measuring equipment. This could destroy highly sensitive electronic compo Check the cable and plug-in connections of the CDI controller. The CDI controller can only be tested on an ignition test bench.nents. 

2014 KTM 85 SX Service Manual Cleaning the motorcycle Components become damaged or destroyed if a pressure cleaner is used incorrectly. The high pressure forces water into the electrical components, connectors, throttle cables, and bearings, etc. Pressure which is too high causes malfunctions and destroys components. Dispose of oils, grease, filters, fuel, cleaning agents, brake fluid, etc., correctly and in compliance with the applicable regulations.

KTM 85 SX User Manual To maintain the value and appearance of the motorcycle over a long period, clean it regularly. Avoid direct sunshine when cleaning the motorcycle. After cleaning, let your child ride the vehicle a short distance until the engine warms up and the brakes have dried due to careful application of the brakes.

If you plan to garage the motorcycle for a longer period, perform the following steps or have them performed. Before storing the motorcycle, check all parts for function and wear. If service, repairs, or replacements are necessary, you should do this during the storage period (less workshop overload). In this way, you can avoid long workshop waiting times at the start of the new season.

KTM 85 SX Owners Manual
Do not use non-porous materials since they prevent humidity from escaping, thus causing corrosion. Avoid running the engine for a short time only. Because the engine will not warm up sufficiently, the water vapor produced during combustion will condense, causing engine parts and the exhaust system to rust.