2014 KTM 65 SX Service Manual

KTM 65 SX Only use spare parts and accessories approved and/or recommended by KTM. KTM accepts no liability for other products and any resulting damage or loss. Different technical development directions required a new specification for 4-stroke motorcycles - the JASO T903 MA Standard. Earlier, engine oils from the automobile industry were used for 4-stroke motorcycles because there was no separate motorcycle specification. Whereas long service intervals are demanded for automobile engines, high performance at high engine speeds are in the foreground for motorcycle engines. In most motorcycles, the gearbox and the clutch are lubricated with the same oil as the engine. The JASO MA Standard meets these special requirements.

2014 KTM 65 SX The SAE viscosity classes were defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers and are used for classifying oils according to their viscosity. The viscosity describes only one property of oil and says nothing about quality.

JASO FD is a classification for a 2-stroke engine oil that was specifically developed for the extreme demands of racing. Thanks to first rate synthetic esters and specially designed additives, superb combustion is achieved even under extreme operating conditions.

Use only brake fluid that complies with the specified standard (see specifications on the container) and that exhibits the corresponding properties.

KTM 65 SX Service Repair Manual

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