2014 KTM 50 SX Junior Mini Service Manual

2014 KTM 50 SX Junior Mini Service Manual
2014 KTM 50 SX Junior Mini PDF Manual

2014 KTM 50 SX Checking the X-distance The X-distance is the distance defined for the piston protrusion, when the cylinder is clamped down and the piston is at top dead center. The X-distance must be checked very carefully. If the X-distance is too large, the compression decreases and the engine loses power. If the X-distance is too small, the engine knocks and overheats.

KTM 50 SX Junior Mini If the speed rise is too high, reduce the idle speed to a normal level and repeat the preceding steps. If the procedure described here does not lead to satisfactory results, the cause may be a wrongly dimensioned idling jet. If you can turn the idle adjusting screw to the end without any change of engine speed, you have to install a smaller idling jet. After changing the idling jet, start from the beginning with the adjusting steps. Following extreme air temperature or altitude changes, adjust the idle speed again.

KTM 50 SX Junior Mini service Manual
To ensure that all of the air can escape from the cooling system, the front of the vehicle must be jacked up. A poorly bled cooling system is less effective at cooling and may result in overheating of the engine. Use only ATF gear oils that comply with the specified standards (see specifications on the container) and that possess the necessary properties. The SAE viscosity classes were defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers and are used for classifying oils according to their viscosity. The viscosity describes only one property of oil and says nothing about quality.