2014 KTM 125, 200 EXC, XC-W Service Manual

KTM 125 exc Starting the motorcycle for checking When running the engine, always make sure there is sufficient ventilation, and do not start or run the engine in an enclosed space without an effective exhaust extraction system.

KTM 125 XC-W FORK, TRIPLE CLAMP Turn clockwise to increase spring preload; turn counterclockwise to reduce spring preload. Adjusting the spring preload has no influence on the absorption setting of the rebound damping. Basically, however, you should set the rebound damping higher with a higher spring preload.

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Cleaning the dust boots of the fork legs The dust boots remove dust and coarse dirt particles from the inside fork tubes. Over time, dirt can penetrate behind the dust boots. If this dirt is not removed, the oil seals behind can start to leak.

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The rebound damping is located in the right fork leg REB (red adjusting screw). The compression damping is located in the left fork leg COMP (white adjusting screw). Grooves are milled into the side of the upper end of the fork legs. The second milled groove (from the top) must be flush with the top edge of the upper triple clamp.

Assembling the fork legs When assembling, ensure that the right cartridge is mounted in the corresponding inner tube and the right adjuster is mounted on the corresponding screw cap. Compression damping side - screw cap with mark COMP, brake caliper holder, white adjuster. Rebound damping side - screw cap with mark REB, no brake caliper holder, red adjuster.

KTM 125, 200 EXC, XC-W Service Manual

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