2014 KTM 125, 150 SX, XC Service Manual

2014 KTM 125, 150 SX, XC Service Manual
2014 KTM 125, 150 SX, XC

KTM 125 SX Service Manual The work prescribed in the service schedule must be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop only and confirmed in the customer's Service and Warranty Booklet and in the KTM Dealer.net; otherwise, all warranty claims will be void. No warranty claims can be considered for damage resulting from manipulations and/or alterations to the vehicle. Additional information on the guarantee or warranty and the procedures involved can be found in the Service and Warranty Booklet.

KTM 150 SX Service Manual
The rebound damping is located in the right fork leg (red adjusting screw). The compression damping is located in the left fork leg (white adjusting screw). Grooves are milled into the side of the upper end of the fork legs. The second milled groove (from the top) must be flush with the top edge of the upper triple clamp.

KTM 125 XC Service Manual
Clamp the cartridge only lightly. The filling port must be located at the highest point. During the filling procedure, the cartridge must be lower than the oil tank of the vacuum pump. The piston rod moves in and out during filling; do not immobilize it by holding it with your hand.

KTM 150 XC Service Manual
The handlebar can be mounted in four different positions. In this way, the handlebar can be mounted in the position that is most comfortable for the rider. If the handlebar is bent or straightened it will cause material fatigue, and the handlebar can break. Always replace handle-

When the adjusting screw is turned counterclockwise, the clutch lever moves away from the handlebar. When the adjusting screw is turned clockwise, the clutch lever moves closer to the handlebar. The range of adjustment is limited. Turn the adjusting screw by hand only, and do not apply any force. Do not make any adjustments while riding!

The throttle cable must be routed along the back of the handlebar, to the right of the frame, below the fuel tank bracket, and to the carburetor.