ISUZU Truck PDF Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

ISUZU Truck PDF Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams
ISUZU Truck Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

Isuzu continues to provide innovative products and services to our customers in the field of commercial vehicles (CVs), light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and diesel engines. We supply customers around the world with a wide range of products, from light-duty pickup trucks andtheir derivative passenger pickup vehicles (PPV) to heavy-duty buses, trucks, tractors, andengines used to power various kinds of industrial machinery. In addition, by offering a full range of after-sales services to complement our product sales, we support vehicle operation throughoutthe whole product lifecycle, making us a part of the socialtransportationinfrastructure.We contribute to the creation of rich and satisfying lifestyles around the world by supportingthe transport of goods. To fulfill this social responsibility, Isuzu will further refine its accumulated manufacturing technologies and tackle key social issues such as climate change countermeasures,aiming to be theIsuzuthat is chosen and trusted by customers around the world.

Founded in 1916, Isuzu is the oldest existing automobile manufacturer in Japan. In 1934, the company named a truck manufacturedto Ministry of Commerce and Industry standardsIsuzu,after the Isuzu rivers, the five rivers of Ise Shrine. This is the origin of the Isuzu company name, which was changed to the currentIsuzu Motors Limitedin 1949. Inheriting the spirit of manufacturing (monozukuri) and technology, Isuzu will continue to grow its history of trust into the future.

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Isuzu 4HK-1 Engine Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU Truck Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU NQR75 Truck Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU NQR71 Truck Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU NKR55 Truck Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu NQR 2006 PDF Manual.pdf
Isuzu NKR-NPR-NQR - Workshop Manual ABS.pdf
Isuzu N-Series Workshop Manual.rar
Isuzu N-series Workshop Manual - Engine Control System (4HK1).pdf
ISUZU N-series Truck Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu N-Series Maintenance Manual.rar
ISUZU LTG PDF manual + DTCs.pdf
ISUZU Giga Workshop Manual - General information.pdf
ISUZU FVR34 Truck Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU FSR90 Truck Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu FRR-series truck Parts Catalog.pdf
ISUZU Forward Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU F-series Truck Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu Elf Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu Elf 2000 Workshop Manual.rar
ISUZU E-series Truck Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU cyz-exr Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU Common Rail System for 4HK1-6HK1 Type Engine Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu Commercial Truck Forward Tiltmaster Service Manual Supplement 2003.pdf
Isuzu Commercial Truck 1998 - Service Manual.pdf
ISUZU C-series Truck Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu 6HK1, 6SD1 Type Engine - Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu 4HK-1 Engine Service Manual.pdf
Isuzu 4HK-1 And 6HK-1 Engine Fuel System Ce Applications.pdf
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Qu83668_800 Isuzu Ftr Wiring Diagram.jpg
Orig Isuzu Ftr Wiring Diagram.jpg
Map_sensor_wire_diagram%202 Isuzu Ftr Wiring Diagram.JPG
Isuzu Pickup 4x4 EFI Fuse Box Wiring Diagram.gif
Isuzu Elf N-series starting schematic wiring diagram.png
Engine wiring84_PMGR Isuzu Ftr Wiring Diagram.JPG
3102 Isuzu Ftr Wiring Diagram.gif

The History of Isuzu

  1. 1916 Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building & Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas & Electric Industrial Co. (Isuzu’s pre-decessors) plan a venture to manufacture automobiles
  2. 1937 Tokyo Automobile IndustriesCo., Ltd., the predecessor of Isuzu Motors Limited,established
  3. 1938 Construction of KawasakiPlant completed
  4. 1949 The Company changes nameto ‘Isuzu Motors Limited’
  5. 1953 Signs a Technical assistanceagreement with Rootes, Ltd. of the U.K. for the Hillman passenger car
  6. 1922 First domestically-producedWolseley, a model A-9, the first passenger car produced in Japan
  7. 1934 Truck manufactured toMinistry of Trade and Industry standards named ‘Isuzu’
  8. 1938 Starts production of TX40truck at Kawasaki plant
  9. 1953 Produces First Hillmanpassenger car (Japan production ended in January 1957) 1959Announces N-Series TL 2-tontruck
  10. 1961 Completes constructionand opened Phase 1 of the Fujisawa Plant (Operations started in 1962)
  11. 1966 Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand)Ltd. established
  12. 1961 Announces the Bellelpassenger car
  13. 1963 Announces the Bellettpassenger car
  14. 1967 Announces the Florianpassenger car
  15. 1968 Announces the 117 Coupepassenger car
  16. 1971 Signs basic agreement onfull alliance with General Motors Corporation (GM)
  17. 1971 Opens Tochigi Plant
  18. 1975 Isuzu Motors America, Inc.established 1984 Opens Hokkaido Plant(currently Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Hokkaido Co., Ltd.)
  19. 1985 Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.established in Chongqing, China
  20. 1980 Announces WFR Fargowagons and vans
  21. 1981 Announces the Piazzapassenger car Announces the Rodeo Bighorn, a compact 4-wheel drive vehicle
  22. 1983 Announces 810 series of 10-ton heavy-duty trucks
  23. 1984 Announces new F-Series 4-7ton medium-duty trucks Announces the Cubic, a new large fixed-route bus Announces the Journey-K, a new mid-size bus
  24. 1985 Announces the FF Geminipassenger car
  25. 1986 Announces the Super Cruiserlarge luxury sightseeing bus
  26. 1989 Announces the MU all roundsport-utility vehicle
  27. 1990 Isuzu Advanced EngineeringCenter, Ltd. established
  28. 1992 Isuzu Charter on the GlobalEnvironment established
  29. 1996 Isuzu Motors Asia Ltd.,established to oversee business in Asia
  30. 1990 Develops World’s firstpermanent electromagnetic retarder with Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Develops a 2-ton truckpowered by a natural gas engine with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
  31. 1991 Completed First prototype elec-tric delivery truck (2-ton class)
  32. 1993 N-Series undergoes a fullmodel change
  33. 1994 F-Series undergoes a full modelchange Heavy-duty trucks undergo a full model change and launched as C&E-series
  34. 1995 Announces the MU WIZARDall round sport-utility vehicle
  35. 1996 Announces the GALA largeluxury sightseeing bus
  36. 1997 Announces the VehiCROSS allround sport-utility vehicle
  37. 1999 Mid-size buses undergo a fullmodel change and launched as the Erga Mio and GALA Mio series
  38. 2005 Isuzu Motors de Mexico S.deR.L. established
  39. 2006 Isuzu Truck South Africa (Pty)Limited established
  40. 2006 Isuzu enters into basicagreement with Toyota to develop small diesel engines
  41. 2007 JSC Isuzu Rusestablishedin Russia
  42. 2000 Full model change of largefixed-route and private-use buses and launches new models as part of ERGA series
  43. 2002 Introduces new D-MAXpickup truck in Thailand
  44. 2004 LaunchesMimamori-kunOnline Servicetelematics system for commercial vehicles
  45. 2006 N-Series undergoes a fullmodel change
  46. 2007 F-Series undergoes a fullmodel change
  47. 2010 Isuzu Motors Middle East FZEestablished, and later change its name to I Isuzu Motors International FZE (IIF) in 2017
  48. 2011 Isuzu Motors Saudi ArabiaCompany Limited established
  49. 2012 Isuzu Motors India PrivateLimited (IMI) established
  50. 2017 Isuzu Plaza opens in Fujisawa
  51. 2018 New factory to produce
  52. 2019 Signs a comprehensiveagreement with Cummins to develop powertrains
  53. 2020 Signs agreement with Honda tconduct joint research on fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck
  54. 2020 Announces formulation of IsuzEnvironmental Vision 2050
  55. 2020 Concludes memorandum withVolvo Group for a strategic alliance
  56. 2021 Established a new companyto accelerate CASE in commercial vehicle business through joint investment with Hino and Toyota
  57. 2011 D-MAX pickup trucks underga full model change
  58. 2013 Announces mu-X in Thailand
  59. 2015 ERGA large fixed-routebus undergoes a full model change C&E Series undergoes a full model change
  60. 2016 ERGA Mio mid-size fixed-routebus undergoes a full model change
  61. 2017 MIMAMORI telematics servicefor commercial vehicles undergoes a full model change
  62. 2018 Announces TRAGA light-dutytrucks for emerging countries
  63. 2019 Launches ERGA DUO hybridarticulated bus D-MAX pickup trucks underg a full model change
  64. 2020 MU-X passenger pickupvehicles undergo a full model change

Truck Business
Isuzu trucks are developed in Japan and overseas to meet the diverse challengesof the logistics industry with exceptional fuel efficiency, reliability, durability,advanced safety and environmentalfriendly performance. From heavy-duty trucks to light-duty trucks for emerging markets, our careful attention to customer needs is reflected in their performance and high quality, making Isuzu the preferred choice of customers around the world.

Bus Business
As a public transport system, buses are required to deliver safety, comfort, and environmental performance to support the daily mobility and the lives of people.Isuzu buses are manufactured by J-BUS Limited, a joint venture with Hino Motors,Ltd. and are sold throughout Japan under both the Isuzu and Hino brands.

Light Commercial Vehicle Business
Our pickup trucks and PPVs are primarily developed in emerging markets. Pickup trucks which can be used as both passenger cars and commercial vehicles are mainly produced in Thailand and exported to nearly 100 countries where they support the economic growth and the lives of people in emerging markets.

Powertrain Business
We supply diesel engines to manufacturers in a variety of fields, including construction machinery, agricultural equipment, power generators, and commercial vessels. Our diesel engines contribute to the develop-ment of these industries by offering the power and environmental performance developed for their use in the automobiles.

After Sales Business
We provide a variety of support services in Japan and internationally to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers’ operations.
Connected Services:MIMAMORI
A fleet management system that collects andtransmits vehicle data in real time PREISM
An advanced genuine preventative maintenanceservice that uses vehicle information to preventbreakdowns
Maintenance services offered by our sales dealers Leasing business Maintenance leases, finance leases, maintenance contracts Used-vehicle sales

Major Product Lineup
The Isuzu Group contributes to the creation of prosperous lifestyles for people around the world through the manufacture and sale of commercial vehicles,light commercial vehicles, and diesel engines, as well as a full range of after-sales services that support the operation of our products.


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