Infiniti Q60 Owner’s Service Manual

For those who are inspired by fearless forward progress, the Q60 is an advanced performance coupe that heightens your senses emotionally, and aesthetically. When the journey requires exhilarating power, you'll accelerate your way with a choice of a 300-hp or 400-hp twinturbocharged V6 engine1 that can charge forward and pass with confidence. When the twists and turns of the path ahead demand that you adapt, an INFINITI world's first Direct Adaptive Steering system1 makes cornering feel smooth and instinctual, while Dynamic Digital Suspension1 can adjust to the road and the driver in real time to yield the best response for the moment. When standing out is non-negotiable, you'll exhibit daring curves and inspiring lines on city streets and beyond. This is luxury for a life lived in Drive.

The sight of a Q60 stirs something deep inside. You sense it when gazing upon its dramatic creases and distinctive shapes. You anticipate it when looking over its athletic stance. With a sleek body that stands low and wide, the Q60 conveys exciting performance. With the Q60 RED SPORT 400, select elements dial up its sporting presence. Wide, summer performance tires on 20-inch alloy wheels provide impressive levels of grip, while red brake calipers add some eyecatching flair.1 Sports exhaust tips exit from the lower rear bumper and sing an engaging tune as the engine powers through its rev range.

Press the Push Button Start and feel the power of a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 come to life. Featuring turbochargers designed to respond quickly to driver throttle input and a speed sensor1 to help increase boost pressure, the engine in the RED SPORT 400 raises output from 300 hp to 400 hp.1 The watercooled air travels a short path to the engine so it stays more dense for more power — and an infinite rush.1 The 7-speed automatic transmission can match engine RPMs to gear speeds for smooth downshifts.

Infiniti Q60 Performance drivers know the feeling of a good pair of driving gloves — personal, fitted and above all, comfortable. This kind of tailored design and craftsmanship was the vision behind the cockpit. Highback bolstered seats offer greater thigh, lumbar and lateral support to enhance your in-control feel. Contrast stitching1 found on the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter complement the contact points of your hand, while available semi-aniline leather appointments1 provide durable and soft seating surfaces. Dual screen displays are ergonomically positioned to relay information and make for easy driver input. This is an exclusive space for drivers, capturing the spirit of a premium sport coupe.

With two steering and two suspension systems, the path to agility is yours to customize. Select either Electronic Power Steering with Sport mode for a lively response. Or go digital with Direct Adaptive Steering, on the ProACTIVE Package, and feel how easy it is to carve a perfect turn.1 The choice of suspension is equally empowering. Independent front and rear suspension gives you a smooth level ride while Dynamic Digital Suspension, on Q60 RED SPORT 400,1 recalibrates the balance between comfort and performance electronically as adjustable dampers react in real time to changing road demands and driver input.

Infiniti Q60 Owner’s Manual

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Whether you're protecting your investment or adding a convenience feature, a few choice additions can help you get the most out of your Q60. We ensure that each Genuine INFINITI Accessory24 is designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle and provide a custom fit and finish. For more information and to shop online for Genuine INFINITI Accessories.

Equipped with advanced suspension, steering and drive mode systems, the Q60 RED SPORT 400 allows drivers to fine-tune the performance to their liking. The drive mode selector allows drivers to choose from a menu of settings that include: Standard, Sport, Sport+, Personal, Eco and Snow. Sport and Sport+ modes offer higher engine output and dial up the suspension, steering and transmission settings for performance driving. The Personal mode allows the driver to create a custom setting profile. The Eco mode helps reduce fuel consumption through the modulation of accelerator pedal pressure, while the Snow mode helps reduce traction loss in inclement weather.

Infiniti Q60