DAF Trucks CF65 Maintenance Manual

When carrying out maintenance activities on the vehicle, it is important that the work is performed under the cleanest possible conditions. Filler caps, lubricating points, filler and drain plugs should be cleaned before and after maintenance activities. When excessive leakage has been detected at oil seals and/or components, or in case of excessive drops in the oil level, a report should be made and the cause should be remedied.

It is important to check the gearbox breathers, transfer box, rear axle and driven front axle regularly for fouling and blockages. If the breathers are blocked by dirt, overpressure may cause leaks. Depending on the circumstances in which the vehicle is used, e.g. on very bad roads or construction sites, important bolt connections such as the fifth wheel, spring suspension, U-bolts, trailer coupling, steering box attachment, superstructure attachments etc. should be inspected more often and, if necessary, be retightened.

It is important that a visual inspection and test run are carried out following the maintenance activities. Particular attention should be paid to components directly related to driving safety. Once a service has been completed new information on the next service (mileage/date) can be entered on the instrument panel display using DAVIE XD via the VIC.Once a service has been completed new information on the next service (mileage/date) can be entered on the instrument panel display using DAVIE XD via the VIC.


  1. The fluid level must be checked when the cab is in the driving position.
  2. The cock (2) should be in the "tilting back" position (anti-clockwise).
  3. Unscrew the filler plug (1) 3 to 4 turns. Wait until the overpressure, if any, has left the reservoir. Remove filler plug (1).
  4. Start pumping (maximum 5 pump strokes). Ensure that the pump lever is in the lowest position.
  5. Check the fluid level. This level should be no more than 2 cm below the top of the filling opening. Top up if necessary.
  6. Fit the filler plug (1) and hand tighten it.

Daf Trucks Spare Parts
All DAF parts and components have been carefully attuned to each other, a decisive factor in ensuring the original DAF quality. It is only logical, therefore, that the original DAF quality can be maintained best if original DAF parts and components are used when replacing parts or components. As far as maintenance activities are concerned, this includes components such as windscreen wiper blades, air-dryer elements, gaskets, V-belts and filters.

For example, if "non-original DAF filters" are used, the engine will be insufficiently protected against fine microscopic airborne dust particles, almost imperceptible metal swarf in the oil and dirt in the fuel, resulting in:

  1. premature replacing of cylinders, pistons, bearings, valves, injector pump and other moving parts
  2. reduced engine performance
  3. increased fuel consumption


  1. Check the universal joint for perceptible play. If perceptible play is detected, the affected part must be replaced.
  2. Check whether there is any perceptible play between the spline connection of the universal joint and the steering box input shaft. If perceptible play is detected, the splines on the universal joint and those on the input shaft must be checked for wear. If wear is detected, the affected part must be replaced.
  3. If there is noticeable play but the parts are not worn, the attachment bolt and nut must be replaced. Tighten the attachment bolt and nut to the specified torque, see "Technical data".

While operating the service brake, check whether any leaks occur in the brake system. If the brake system of a vehicle has been charged to the maximum pressure, it should generally be possible to drive the vehicle after a period of 16 hours of uninterrupted standstill, without having to first charge the brake system to adequate operating pressure. This implies a maximum pressure drop of approx. 0.4 bar per hour at normal system pressure.

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