Clark EWP45 Operator's Manual

Clark EWP45 Operator's Manual
Clark Forklift EWP45

Wheels and Tires
Check condition of wheels and tires. Remove any embedded objects. Report excessive wear, breaks, "chunking out", or bond failure. Check lug nut for proper torque. Watch for loose wheel bearings. 

Maintenance Problems
Do not operate a truck that has a maintenance problem. Park the truck properly and remove the key. Put an "Out of Service" tag on the truck. Report the truck problem to the proper authority. Clark EWP45 Operator's Manuals,Clark EWP45 User Manuals,Clark EWP45 Owner's Manuals

Daily Inspection Points
The following should be done every 8-10 hours:

  • Check truck for obvious damage and leaks.
  • Check capacity plate, warning plates & decals.
  • Check condition of tires and wheels and remove embedded objects.
  • Check drive wheel fasteners.
  • Check hour meter and battery discharge indicator.
  • Check brake operation.
  • Check horn operation.
  • Check emergency reversal switch operation.
  • Check directional and speed control operation.
  • Check lift and lower operation.

Clark EWP45 Typical Operating Conditions
Time intervals between maintenance are largely determined by operating conditions. The intervals specifi ed in the following table are for normal operation. For more severe operation, the maintenance intervals should be shortened accordingly. Contact you CLARK dealer for recommendations.

  1. Normal Operation: Basically, eight hours per day material handling in clean buildings with smooth level fl oors and clean, open air.
  2. Severe Operation: Prolonged operating hours or constant usage, with ramps and/or bumpy fl oors.

The following instructions have been prepared from current industry and government safety standards applicable to industrial truck operations and maintenance. They are listed here for the reference and safety of all workers during inspection / maintenance operations. When in doubt of any inspection / maintenance procedures, please contact your local CLARK dealer.

Standard Equipment
Standard features include: Curtis 1243 Control System, battery discharge indicator, full 4.7" lift height, horn, key switch, 24 volt electrical system, poly drive tire, poly load wheels, SB-175 amp red connector connection for charging batteries, high visibility Clark green and black fi nish.


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