Clark EPX16-32, ECX30-30, TMX13-23, GEX16-30, GTX16-20s Operator's Manual

Clark EPX16-32, ECX30-30, TMX13-23, GEX16-30, GTX16-20s Operator's Manual
Clark EPX16-32, ECX30-30, TMX13-23, GEX16-30, GTX16-20s Operator's Manual

Modification of equipment is prohibited
Unauthorized modifications to the equipment (truck) are not allowed and, in the event of a problem caused by an unauthorized modification, the warranty service will not play. Except as provided in “B)”, no modification or change to the motorized lift truck, which may affect, for example, the capacity, stability or safety requirements of the truck, cannot be without the prior written consent of the original cart manufacturer, its authorized representative or a successor to this one.

For example, modifications that may void the warranty are those that may adversely affect the performance, durability and safety of the equipment (truck) as a result of the addition of unmon original tees leaving the factory: unauthorized electrical appliances (lamp, black box, electrical instrument, communication equipment, etc.), brake system, steering system, performance enhancement system vision and detachable device. If the manufacturer or his successor accepts a modification or change, they must also make and approve any necessary changes to the capacity plate, decals, plates and maintenance and operating manuals. Clark EPX16-32 Operator's Manual,Clark ECX30-30 Operator's Manual,Clark TMX13-23 Operator's Manual,Clark GEX16-30 Operator's Manual,Clark GTX16-20s Operator's Manual,Clark EPX16-32 User Manual,Clark ECX30-30 User Manual,Clark TMX13-23 User Manual,Clark GEX16-30 User Manual,Clark GTX16-20s User Manual.

The driver
Only specialized personnel, adequately trained and having proven their abilities may be qualified to drive a forklift. Observe in this respect the national regulations of your country for the driving stations. Authorization from the supervisor will be obtained for each use for which the driver is not sure if it corresponds to the use aimed. In particularly difficult cases such as the simultaneous use tanned by two forklifts for transporting heavy loads or huge, the supervisor in person must be present on site, assume the responsibility and management of this transport.

Traffic lanes
Do not drive in operating areas prohibited to your truck elevator, but limit yourself to traffic lanes authorized for forklifts. Traffic lanes and loading areas must be visibly and perfectly indicated as well as free of all obstacles. Forklifts should only be used ized on tracks without sharp bends, steep gradients and very narrow or too low. Observe the structure of the traffic lanes, it must be sufficiently stabilized and if possible flat. The floor of the Storage surface area should be horizontal, flat and solid. The area allowed and the loading point of the corridors or driving routes must not exceed. Observe the national regulations in this respect. ales in force in your country.


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