Clark CTT7 Operator's Manual

Clark CTT7 Operator's Manual
Clark CTT7 User Manual

Use of this Manual
To operate a truck safely and productively, the operator must know and understand the appropriate safety practices, including safe driving and load handling techniques. To develop the skill required, the operator must become familiar with the construction and features. The operator must also understand the truck’s capabilities and limitations and see that it is kept in a safe condition.

This manual is a digest of essential information on the above subjects.The information is provided in seven sections: Section i, Introduction, (this Section) gives information that you should read before proceeding with this manual.

  1. Section 1, General Safety Rules, reviews and illustrates accepted practices for safe operation.
  2. Section 2, Operating Your Truck, describes the components, systems, controls and other features of your truck and presents specific instructions on safe, efficient operation.
  3. Section 3, Operator Maintenance and Care, describes safety inspections and checks operators should make before operating the tow truck.
  4. Section 4, Planned Maintenance, serves as reference for trained service personnel performing planned maintenance and battery maintenance.
  5. Section 5, Specifications, provides reference information on features, components, and maintenance items. Sectionx, Index, at the back of the manual is an alphabetical listing that you use for locating topics by name.

The descriptions and specifications in this manual were in effect at the time of printing. CLARK Material Handling Company reserves the right to make improvements and changes in specifications or design, without notice and without incurring obligation. Check with your authorized CLARK dealer for information on possible updates or revisions. Clark CTT7 Operator's Manual,Clark CTT7 User Manual,Clark CTT7 Owner's Manual,Clark CTT7 Service Manual

We urge you to carefully read this manual from cover to cover. Take time to understand the information on general safety rules, operating hazards, and operating procedures. Understand how all gauges, indicator lights, and controls function.

The examples, illustrations, and explanations in this manual should help you improve your skill and knowledge as a professional operator and take full advantage of the capabilities and safety features of your new tow truck.

This manual is permanently attached to serve as a reference for anyone who may operate or service it. If the tow truck is not equipped with this manual, ask your supervisor to obtain one and have it attached to the truck. And remember, your CLARK dealer is pleased to answer questions about the operation and maintenance and will provide you with additional information should you require it.

Safety Signs and Safety Messages
Improper operation can cause accidents. Don’t take chances with incorrect or damaged equipment. Read and understand the procedures for safe driving and maintenance outlined in this manual. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Stay alert! Follow safety rules, regulations, and procedures. Avoid accidents by recognizing dangerous procedures or situations before they occur. Drive and work safely and follow the safety signs and their messages on the truck and in this manual. Safety signs and messages are placed in this manual and on the truck to provide instructions and identify specific areas where potential hazards exist and special precautions should be taken. Know and understand the meaning of these instructions, signs, and messages. Damage to the truck, death, or serious injury to you or other persons may result if these messages are not followed. If warning decals are damaged, they must be replaced. Contact your CLARK dealer for replacements.


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