Clark CQ20-30 Operator's Manual

Clark CQ20-30 Operator's Manual
Clark CQ20-30

The operator’s manual is not a training manual. It is a guide to help trained and authorized operators safely operate their lift truck by emphasizing and illustrating the correct procedures. However, it cannot cover every possible situation that may result in an accident. You must watch for hazards in your work areas and avoid or correct them. It is important that you know and understand the information in this manual and that you know and follow your company safety rules! Be sure that your equipment is maintained in a safe condition. Do not operate a damaged or malfunctioning truck. Practice safe operation every time you use your lift truck. Let's join together to set high standards in safety.

Routine Servicing and Maintenance
Regular maintenance and care of your lift truck is not only important for economy and utilization reasons; it is essential for your safety. A faulty lift truck is a potential source of danger to the operator, and to other personnel working near it. As with all quality equipment, keep your lift truck in good operating condition by following the recommended schedule of maintenance. Clark CQ20-30 Operator's Manual,Clark CQ20-30 User Manual,Clark CQ20-30 Owner's Manual,clark forklift service manual pdf,free clark forklift service manual,old clark forklift manual,clark forklift troubleshooting,clark c500 forklift service manual pdf,clark cgc25 parts manual,clark gcx25 forklift service manual,clark gpx25 parts manual.

CLARK welcomes you to the growing group of professionals who own, operate, and maintain CLARK lift trucks. We take pride in the long tradition of quality products and superior value the CLARK name represents. This manual familiarizes you with safety, operating, and maintenance information about your new lift truck. It has been specially prepared to help you use and maintain your CLARK lift truck in a safe and correct manner.

Your CLARK lift truck has been designed and built to be as safe and efficient as today’s technology can make it. As manufactured, it meets all the applicable mandatory requirements of ANSI / ITSDF B56.1 Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks. Each truck is also furnished with equipment to help you operate safely for example, load back rest, parking brake, safety restraint system, seat belts and horn are standard equipment.

Safe, productive operation of a lift truck requires both skill and knowledge on the part of the operator. The operator must know, understand, and practice the safety rules and safe driving and load handling techniques described in this manual. To develop the skill required, the operator must become familiar with the construction and features of the lift truck and how they function. The operator must understand its capabilities and limitations, and see that it is kept in a safe condition.

Operator Daily Inspection - Safety and Operating Checks
A lift truck should always be examined by the operator, before driving, to be sure it is safe to operate. The importance of this procedure is emphasized in this manual with a brief illustrated review and later with more detailed instructions. CLARK dealers can supply copies of a helpful “Drivers Daily Checklist.”

Planned Maintenance
In addition to the daily operator inspection, CLARK recommends that a planned maintenance and safety inspection program (PM) be performed by a trained and authorized mechanic on a regular basis. The PM will provide an opportunity to make a thorough inspection of the safety and operating condition of your lift truck. Necessary adjustments and repairs can be done during the PM, which will increase the life of components and reduce unscheduled downtime and increase safety. The PM can be scheduled to meet your particular application and lift truck usage.

The procedures for a periodic planned maintenance program that covers inspections, operational checks, cleaning, lubrication, and minor adjustments are outlined in this manual. Your CLARK dealer is prepared to help you with a Planned Maintenance Program by trained service personnel who know your lift truck and can keep it operating safely and efficiently.


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