Citroën SpaceTourer Owner’s & Maintenance Manuals

Citroën SpaceTourer Owner’s & Maintenance Manuals
Citroën SpaceTourer Service Manual

With its new modular platform, CITROËN SPACETOURER offers you a choice of 3 lengths. The tried and tested M [4.94m] and XL [5.3 m] are now joined by the compact XS with a length of just 4.6 m – it’s a first in the segment.

Built on a brand new platform, CITROËN SPACETOURER is designed to accommodate family and business life with ease. A model of versatility, elements such as sliding and removable seats create accessible, flexible  space for people and gear – wherever you  need to travel. Available in three lengths, CITROËN SPACETOURER can seat up to 9 in relaxed comfort.

For everyday trips or epic journeys, CITROËN SPACETOURER brings you peace of mind through technology. Grip Control is an advanced traction control system that balances and optimises grip between the front wheels for secure progress on all surfaces. Add high levels of acoustic insulation and naturally refined poise on every kind of road and you have a recipe for relaxed travel.

A busy life often means no hands to spare, so ‘Hands-Free’ technology is here to help. You can open the sliding side doors simply by moving your foot under the corner of the rear bumper, and close and lock the vehicle in the same way. It’s practical, ingenious and unique: pure and simple CITROËN thinking.

CITROËN SPACETOURER is full of bright ideas. Here’s one you’ll appreciate every day. The two part panoramic roof lets in the absolute maximum amount of natural light, whilst offering UV protection and separate sunblinds when you want to fine-tune the interior ambience. Running down the centre of the roof,  between the glass panes is an aircraft style panel complete with air conditioning controls and vents.  There’s also subtle LED lighting at night to create a restful, welcoming atmosphere.

In keeping with its versatile character, CITROËN SPACETOURER is available in 3 lengths. M and XL are both well proven sizes, and now there’s the XS which is just 4.6 m. Easily able to accommodate up to 8 people, with plenty of flexible storage space, it’s a first-in-segment model with some useful advantages. Compact dimensions and a tight turning circle mean that it’s easier to manoeuvre through the city and makes the most of restricted spaces.

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For everyone and everything to go safely, securely and in comfort, you need intelligent flexible design. CITROËN SPACETOURER is all about meeting your diverse needs. Both 2nd and 3rd row ‘2 + 1’ bench seats slide for maximum legroom and all are separately foldable. This includes the front passenger seat to fit very long loads. If you need a pure load carrier, all back seats are removable, leaving a flat, uninterrupted floor and large amounts of space. There’s 397 l on XS models, and an impressive 554 l inside the XL^. When you want to maximise passenger comfort, there’s a 7-seat version that provides two independent sliding seats in the 2nd row. There are also side window blinds and aircraft style tables with cup holders to enhance the feeling of comfort. Storage space is also generous, with a spacious refrigerated glove box and up to 7 easily accessible different plug points, for auxiliary jack, USB, and 12V. Recharging your portable devices on the move has never been easier.

Because CITROËN SPACETOURER is designed for life’s diverse demands, it’s packed with intelligent features. The opening tailgate window means that you can quickly access the load space without opening the whole tailgate.

CITROËN SPACETOURER BUSINESS conveys a strong sense of professionalism and will accommodate you and your passengers in serious comfort. You can select an exact configuration that suits your needs, with a choice of seating and equipment, plus there are three different lengths to consider. Here in business class you can carry up to nine people and their belongings in refined style.

A vehicle for professionals needs to be exceptionally versatile. CITROËN SPACETOURER BUSINESS is available in 3 flexible and spacious versions. M models provide 507 l of boot space, but if you remove the 3rd row seats this increases to 2,281 l and to a cavernous 3,968 l with the 2nd row seats removed. For the ultimate load area, XL models offer up to 4,554 l when all rear seating is removed.

In CITROËN SPACETOURER you can access city car parks, underground parking, shopping centres and airport facilities without worrying about height restrictions, because it measures a useful 1.9 m from road to roof. 

CITROËN SPACETOURER BUSINESS features large sliding side doors that can be motorised. For professional drivers and chauffeurs this is a real asset, as it means that passengers don’t have to handle the door when getting in and out and everything can be controlled straight from the driving seat. The flexible interior is further enhanced by easy to fold 2nd row seats that allow quick, simple access to the 3rd row.

CITROËN SPACETOURER offers numerous advanced features that make driving and travelling relaxed, safe and enjoyable. Getting the best from them is easy, thanks to the bright 7 inch colour touchscreen, that gives you instant control of all important functions such as your media, telephone and satellite navigation. The advanced Mirror Screen function gives you fingertip access to your favourite smartphone apps through the touchscreen, and works seamlessly with Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink and Android Auto. The new voice controlled satellite navigation system, 3D CITROËN Connect Nav, brings you a wealth of information. Meanwhile, 180° ‘birds eye’ view from the reversing camera as you manoeuvre, and when you get close to unseen obstacles, the system zooms in to show the remaining distance with large scale clarity.

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There are 4 new engines available for CITROËN SPACETOURER, each featuring BlueHDi technology. Advanced and efficient, they greatly reduce nitrogen oxide [NOX] and take CO2 emissions and fuel consumption lower than ever. In all conditions, the sophisticated suspension design ensures a fine balance of agility and driver comfort, and the all-new modular platform has achieved the maximum Euro NCAP 5 star safety rating.

1934 CITROËN revolutionises the automotive landscape  with the Traction Avant. The famous name relates  to its ground breaking front wheel drive engineering. During the 90s Le Tone had a major hit, “Joli Dragon”, and devoted himself to music for 15 years before progressively moving towards illustrative art. Since 2011 his creations have been exhibited in famous places such as the Pompidou centre. An admirer of artists who know  how to make the best use of colour, Le Tone confesses to having a weakness for black and white, which he uses to tell simple stories by using felt pen  drawings in notebooks.


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