Chevrolet Aveo Service, Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals

GET YOUR OWN WAY.You’ve come this far without bending to other people’s expectations. You are who you are. And frankly, you’re proud of it. Good to know there’s a car that invites you to declare your independence. Actually, there are two: Aveo and Aveo5. Cars with real style and real personality.The first cars in their class to earn five-star safety ratings for both driver and front passenger in the frontal crash test.* And backed by a no-deductible 5-year/100,000 km Extended Powertrain Warranty.**If you’re used to having things go your way, you need to go to your Chevrolet dealer and test drive Aveo or Aveo5. For All Life’s Roads.

IT CAN TEACH YOU A THING OR TWO ABOUT FLEXIBILITY. When things go in an unexpected direction, Aveo5 has what it takes to get you there. It has the built-in adaptability you need to handle a wide range of circumstances, whether you’re transporting a group of friends, or moving a whole whack of gear. Five doors and the flip-and-fold rear seats make it easy to take full advantage of the space. Aveo5– it’s all about flexibility. Even if you’re not.

GET MORE WITHOUT PAYING MORE.Admire its clean lines. Appreciate the responsiveness of the dual overhead cams, and the confident ride and handling that’s a product of independent front MacPherson struts and a rear torsion beam suspension. Then closely examine its outstanding fit and finish. It’s what you might expect from a car that costs thousands more than Aveo Sedan.

LOOKS SMART. BECAUSE IT IS.The look is smart – the way that elements like the centre stack are integrated into the overall design. The functionality is also of a high calibre, with a series of standard features, such as a tilt adjustable steering column and an auxiliary power outlet. LT models add to the convenience with a remote keyless entry system, as well as power windows and door locks. Very smart touches.

Chevrolet Aveo Service, Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals

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STUFF IT.You’ve got stuff. Loads of it. No matter what you’re bringing with you, Aveo has places to put it – in the seatback storage compartments and in the the wide open cargo area that’s created by folding down the rear seats. Got more? You can attach bags to the seatback shopping bag hooks.Go ahead and stuff it – in Aveo.

ITS TECHNOLOGY WILL HAVE A HOLD ON YOU.There’s no question: a car is a very serious purchase. So you have the right to expect quality engineering – regardless of your price range. Aveo answers the call with a number of features that are anything but typical. Like Hold Control. It is included with the available automatic transmission and allows you to hold the transmission in third gear, locking out overdrive, for more responsive acceleration. It also lets you start in second or third gear, for improved traction. Technology that really holds up: Aveo and Aveo5.

A.Aveo features power-assisted front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. An available anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps you maintain steering control during hard-braking situations.B.The independent front suspension features MacPherson struts for excellent ride and handling.C.The style of Aveo LT’s doors is the product of the graphite appearance and textured fabric on
the door trim. The function is enhanced by the double seal on each door, which contributes to Aveo’s quiet ride.

Chevrolet Aveo Service Manuals