Cadillac CTS SEDAN Owners Manual 2017

Cadillac CTS SEDAN Owners Manual 2017
2017 Cadillac CTS SEDAN Owners Manual

Cadillac CTS SEDAN The climate control system will use the previous settings during a remote start. The rear window defogger may come on during remote start based on cold ambient conditions. The rear defog indicator light does not come on during remote start. If equipped, the heated and ventilated front seats may also come on when the vehicle personalization setting is enabled.

Laws in some local communities may restrict the use of remote starters. For example, some laws may require a person using remote start to have the vehicle in view. Check local regulations for any requirements. If your vehicle is low on fuel, do not use the remote start feature. The vehicle may run out of fuel.

Starting the Engine Using Remote Start
Cadillac CTS Press and release on the RKE transmitter. Immediately press and hold for at least four seconds or until the turn signal lamps flash. This confirms the request to remote start the vehicle has been received. During the remote start, the parking lamps will remain on as long as the engine is running. The engine will shut off after 10 minutes unless a time extension is done or the ignition is put in ON/RUN.
Press the brake pedal and select the ON/RUN ignition mode to drive the vehicle.

Extending Engine Run Time
The engine run time can also be extended by another 10 minutes, if during the first 10 minutes Steps 1–2 are repeated while the engine is still running. An extension can be requested, 30 seconds after starting. This provides a total of 20 minutes. The remote start can only be extended once. When the remote start is extended, the second 10 minute period is added on to the first 10 minutes for a total of 20 minutes.

A maximum of two remote starts, or a remote start with an extension, are allowed between ignition cycles. Then the ignition must be changed to ON/RUN and then back to OFF before the remote start procedure can be used again.

Immobilizer Operation
This vehicle has a passive theft-deterrent system. The system does not have to be manually armed or disarmed. The vehicle is automatically immobilized when the vehicle is turned off. The immobilization system is disarmed when the pushbutton start is activated to enter the ACC/ ACCESSORY mode or the ON/RUN/ START mode and a valid transmitter is present in the vehicle.

The security light, in the instrument cluster, comes on if there is a problem with arming or disarming the theft-deterrent system. The system has one or more RKE transmitters matched to an immobilizer control unit in the vehicle. Only a correctly matched RKE transmitter will start the vehicle. If the transmitter is ever damaged, you may not be able to start your vehicle.

When trying to start the vehicle, the security light may come on briefly when the ignition is turned on. If the engine does not start and the security light stays on, there is a problem with the system. Turn the ignition off and try again. If the vehicle will not change ignition modes (ACC/ACCESSORY, ON/RUN/ START, OFF), and the RKE transmitter appears to be undamaged, try another transmitter. Or, you may try placing the transmitter in the transmitter pocket located in the center console.

If the ignition modes will not change with the other transmitter, your vehicle needs service. If the ignition does change modes, the first transmitter may be faulty. See the dealer.

It is possible for the immobilizer system to learn new or replacement RKE transmitters. Up to eight transmitters can be programmed for the vehicle. To program additional transmitters, see "Programming Transmitters to the Vehicle" under Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation

Automatic Dimming Mirror
If the vehicle has the automatic dimming mirror, the driver outside mirror automatically adjusts for the glare of headlamps behind you.

Reverse Tilt Mirrors
The passenger and/or driver mirror tilt to a preselected position when the vehicle is in R (Reverse). This feature allows the driver to view the curb when parallel parking. The mirror returns to the original position when the vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse), the ignition is turned off, or if the vehicle is driven in reverse above a predetermined speed.