Cadillac 2017 XTS SEDAN Owners Manual

Cadillac 2017 XTS SEDAN Owners Manual
2017 Cadillac XTS SEDAN Owners Manuals

Cadillac XTS SEDAN This manual describes features that may or may not be on the vehicle because of optional equipment that was not purchased on the vehicle, model variants, country specifications, features/applications that may not be available in your region, or changes subsequent to the printing of this owner manual. Refer to the purchase documentation relating to your specific vehicle to confirm the features. Keep this manual in the vehicle for quick reference.

Do not drive until the head restraints for all occupants are installed and adjusted properly. To achieve a comfortable seating position, change the seatback recline angle as little as necessary while keeping the seat and the head restraint height in the proper position.

Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror
The vehicle has an automatic dimming rearview mirror. The mirror will automatically reduce the glare from the headlamps from behind. The dimming feature comes on when the vehicle is started. See Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror

If equipped, LDW may help avoid unintentional lane departures at speeds of 56 km/h (35 mph) or greater. LDW uses a camera sensor to detect the lane markings. The LDW light, @, is green if a lane marking is detected. If the vehicle departs the lane, the light will change to amber and flash. In addition, beeps will sound or the driver seat will pulse.

If equipped, LKA may help avoid crashes due to unintentional lane departures. It may assist by gently turning the steering wheel if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking without using a turn signal in that direction. It may also provide a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alert as the lane marking is crossed. The system will not assist or alert if it detects that you are actively steering. Override LKA by turning the steering wheel. LKA uses a camera to detect lane markings between 60 km/h (37 mph) and 180 km/h (112 mph).

If equipped, the RCTA system uses a triangle with an arrow displayed on the RVC screen to warn of traffic behind your vehicle that may cross your vehicle's path while in R (Reverse). In addition, beeps will sound, or the driver seat will pulse.

If equipped, Rear Parking Assist (RPA) uses sensors on the rear bumper to assist with parking and avoiding objects while in R (Reverse). It operates at speeds less than 8 km/h (5 mph). RPA may display a warning triangle on the Rear Vision Camera screen and a graphic on the instrument cluster to provide the object distance. In addition, multiple beeps or seat pulses may occur if very close to an object.

If the vehicle has Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) it also has the RAB system, which is designed to help avoid or reduce the harm caused by backing crashes when the vehicle is shifted into R (Reverse). If the system detects the vehicle is backing too fast to avoid a crash with a detected object behind your vehicle in your path, it may automatically brake hard to a stop.

If equipped, this system provides a way to replace up to three remote control transmitters used to activate devices such as garage door openers, security systems, and home automation devices.

Read the instructions completely before attempting to program the Universal Remote system. Because of the steps involved, it may be helpful to have another person available to assist you with programming the Universal Remote system.

The Keyless Access system allows for vehicle entry when the transmitter is within range. See “Keyless Access Operation” following. The RKE transmitter functions may work up to 60 m (197 ft) away from the vehicle. Other conditions, such as those previously stated, can impact the performance of the transmitter.

If the vehicle is in ACC/ACCESSORY or ON/RUN/START and the power door lock switch is pressed with the driver door open, all the doors will lock and only the driver door will unlock. If the vehicle is off and locking is requested while a door is open, when all doors are closed the vehicle will check for RKE transmitters inside. If an RKE transmitter is detected and the number of RKE transmitters inside has not reduced, the driver door will unlock and the horn will chirp three times.

Unlocked Door Anti-Lockout
If Unlocked Door Anti-Lockout is turned on and the vehicle is off, the driver door is open, and locking is requested, all the doors will lock and only the driver door will unlock. The Unlocked Door Anti-Lockout feature can be turned on or off using the vehicle personalization menus.


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