Cadillac 2017 XT5 CROSSOVER Owners Manual

Cadillac 2017 XT5 CROSSOVER Owners Manual
2017 Cadillac XT5 CROSSOVER Manual PDF

Cadillac XT5 CROSSOVER If the vehicle has Forward Collision Alert (FCA), it also has FAB, which includes Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA). When the system detects a vehicle ahead in your path that is traveling in the same direction that you may be about to crash into, it can provide a boost to braking or automatically brake the vehicle. This can help avoid or lessen the severity of crashes when driving in a forward gear.

If equipped, the FPB system may help avoid or reduce the harm caused by front-end crashes with nearby pedestrians when driving in a forward gear. FPB displays an amber indicator, when a nearby pedestrian is detected directly ahead. When approaching a detected pedestrian too quickly, FPB provides a red flashing alert on the windshield and rapidly beeps or pulses the driver seat. FPB can provide a boost to braking or automatically brake the vehicle.

Programming Transmitters to the Vehicle Only RKE transmitters programmed to the vehicle will work. If a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replacement can be purchased and programmed through your dealer. The vehicle can be reprogrammed so that lost or stolen transmitters no longer work. Each vehicle can have up to eight transmitters matched to it.

The power liftgate may be temporarily disabled under extreme low temperatures, or after repeated power cycling over a short period of time. If this occurs, the liftgate can still be operated manually.

If the vehicle is shifted out of P (Park) while the power function is in progress, the liftgate will continue to completion. If the vehicle is accelerated before the liftgate has completed moving, the liftgate may stop or reverse direction. Check for Driver Information Center (DIC) messages and make sure the liftgate is closed and latched before driving.

Falling Liftgate Detection
The power liftgate will automatically close if the support strut has lost pressure. See your dealer for service before using the power liftgate.

Obstacle Detection Features
If the liftgate encounters an obstacle during a power open or close cycle, the liftgate will automatically reverse direction and move a short distance away from the obstacle. After removing the obstruction, the power liftgate operation can be used again. If the liftgate encounters multiple obstacles on the same power cycle, the power function will deactivate. After removing the obstructions, manually close the liftgate which will allow normal power operation functions to resume.

If the vehicle is locked while the liftgate is closing, and an obstacle is encountered that prevents the liftgate from completely closing, the horn will sound as an alert that the liftgate did not close.

Pinch sensors are on the side edges of the liftgate. If an object is caught between the liftgate and the vehicle and presses against this sensor, the liftgate will reverse direction and open fully. The liftgate will remain open until it is activated again or closed manually.

Power Sounder, Inclination Sensor, and Intrusion Sensor
In addition to the standard theft-deterrent system features, this system may also have an inclination sensor, an intrusion sensor, and power sounder.

The power sounder provides an audible alarm that is different from the vehicle’s horn. It has its own power source, and can sound an alarm when the vehicle’s battery is compromised. The inclination sensor can set off the alarm if it senses movement of the vehicle, such as a change in vehicle orientation.

The intrusion sensor monitors the vehicle interior, and can set off the alarm if it senses an unauthorized entry into the vehicle’s interior. Do not allow passengers or pets to remain in the vehicle when the intrusion sensor
is activated.

Before arming the theft-deterrent system and activating the intrusion sensor:

  1. Make sure all doors and windows are completely closed.
  2. Secure any loose items such as a sunshades.
  3. Make sure there are no obstructions blocking the sensors in the front overhead console.

Inclination and Intrusion
Sensors Disable Switch It is recommended that the inclination and intrusion sensors be deactivated if pets are left in the vehicle or if the vehicle is being transported.