BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid 2015 Owners Manual

BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid 2015 Owners Manual
BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid

BMW 3 Series owners manual recommends that you have the oil changed at your BMW dealer's service center or at another service center that has trained personnel that can perform the work in accordance with BMW specifications.

The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends that you use vehicle batteries that it has tested and recommends for use in your vehicle otherwise the vehicle could be damaged and systems or functions may not be fully available.

After a battery replacement, the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends that you have the battery registered on your vehicle by a service center to ensure that all comfort functions are fully available, and that any “check control” messages of these comfort functions are no longer displayed.

Speed limit detection
Speed limit detection uses a symbol in the shape of a traffic sign to display the currently detected speed limit. The camera in the area of the interior rearview mirror detects traffic signs at the edge of the road as well as variable overhead sign posts. Traffic signs with extra symbols for wet road conditions, etc. are also detected and compared with the vehicle's onboard data, such as for the rain sensor, and will be displayed depending on the situation. The system takes into account the information stored in the navigation system and also displays speed limits present on routes without signs.

Special windshield
The windshield is part of the system. The shape of the windshield makes it possible to display a precise image. A film in the windshield prevents double images from being displayed. Therefore, have the special windshield replaced by a service center only. bmw x5,bmwi8,bmw m3,bmwx3,bmwx7,bmwx3 2020,2020 bmw x3,2020 bmw,bmw m3 pricing,2020 bmw x7,bmw x7 price,2021 m3,price bmw x3bmw m4 0 60.

BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid High-beam Assistant
The concept When the low beams are activated, this system automatically switches the high beams on and off or suppresses the light in the areas that blind oncoming traffic. The procedure is controlled by a camera on the front of the interior rearview mirror. The assistant ensures that the high beams are activated whenever the traffic situation allows. The driver can intervene at any time and switch the high beams non and off as usual.

BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid owners manual Automatic deactivation of the frontseat passenger airbags The system reads if the front passenger seat is occupied by measuring the human body's resistance. Front, knee and side airbag on the front passenger's side are either activated or deactivated.

Malfunction of the automatic deactivation system When transporting older children and adults, the front-seat passenger airbags may be deactivated in certain sitting positions. In this case, the indicator lamp for the front-seat passenger airbags lights up.