BMW 3.0i Roadster & Coupe 2005 Owners Manual

BMW 3.0i Roadster & Coupe 2005 Owners Manual
BMW 3.0i Roadster BMW Coupe 2005 Owners Manual

At a glance
The overviews of buttons, switches and displays presented in this chapter will help you find your way around your vehicle. You will also be familiarized with the concepts behind the operation of the features available to you.

Technology that monitors itself
Indicator and warning lamps that are identified by are tested for proper functioning whenever the ignition key is turned. They each light up once for different periods of time. If a malfunction occurs in one of the monitored systems, the corresponding light does not go out after the engine has started, or it lights up again while the vehicle is in motion. You can find more information about each system on the specified pages. bmw x5,bmwi8,bmw m3,bmwx3,bmwx7,bmwx3 2020,2020 bmw x3,2020 bmw,bmw m3 pricing,2020 bmw x7,bmw x7 price,2021 m3,price bmw x3bmw m4 0 60.

This chapter provides you with the information you need for complete control over your vehicle. It describes all features used for driving and for ensuring your safety and comfort.

Manual convertible top
The fabric top offers perfect protection against the weather and it can be opened easily and quickly by one person alone. Here are a few tips so that you get the most out of your BMW:

  1. It is advisable to close the convertible top when the vehicle is parked. The closed convertible top not only protects the passenger compartment from unforeseeable damage from the weather, but also provides a certain degree of theft protection
  2. In addition, only keep valuables in the locked luggage compartment, even with the convertible top closed
  3. When the convertible top is open, the central locking system also locks the release button for the convertible top. The convertible top cannot be operated. This provides better theft protection for valuables stored in the luggage compartment
  4. Never mount a roof-mounted luggage racksystem on the convertible top.


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