WEBASTO-RO Truck Heavy Duty Catalogue

WEBASTO-RO Truck Heavy Duty Catalogue
WEBASTO-RO Truck Heavy Duty Catalogue

Webasto Heavy Duty presents you the new product catalogue containing the total range of efficient solutions around the subject of heating, cooling, ventilation for trucks, transport vehicles, buses, rail, special and defence vehicles. Continuous investments in research, development, product and customer service are the reasons why Webasto has been developing and producing successful products for the automotive and commercial vehicles industry worldwide for 75 years. Today, Webasto is one of world’s 100 largest suppliers to the automotive industry. Webasto transfers this know-how also to other markets, such as e.g., the rail, or construction machine vehicles market. One of our strengths is customized customer engineering. Whatever may be your requirements, we develop the suitable application solution together with you over and above our standard offer. Thanks to our worldwide presence as automotive and commercial vehicle suppliers in more than 43 countries, the nearest Webasto branch office or Webasto subsidiary cannot be far away.

Engineering Service for Customer-specific Application Solutions
In addition to a large selection of standard products, Webasto Heavy Duty offers you an engineering service for system solutions that are developed and created especially according to customer requests. Irrespective of whether your requirements deviate from the standard in areas like installation position, operating temperature, operation at high altitudes, interface connection or the installation situation in the vehicle - we can work out an optimum solution for you. In this context, you can fall back on our long-term experience in the areas of original equipment as well as retrofitting. You profit from our high process and quality level, and our know-how in system integration, mechatronics and software development.

Heating Systems

  1. Air Heaters
  2. Air Top 2000 ST
  3. Air Top Evo 3900 / 5500
  4. Air Top System
  5. HL 90
  6. Water Heaters
  7. Thermo Top Evo
  8. Thermo Top C, Thermo 50
  9. Thermo 90 ST
  10. Thermo Pro 90
  11. DBW 2010 / 2016
  12. Thermo 230 / 300 / 350
  13. Thermo S 230 / 300 / 350 / 400
  14. Cargo Space Heating
  15. Accessories for Heating Systems

Air-Conditioning Systems

  • Compact Cooler 4 E / 5 Lite / 5 / 8
  • Accessories of A/C Systems
  • Compact Cooler Rail 4 E / 7 E, Compact Cooler Rail 4 H / 7 H
  • RailCool R 5 / R 7, RailCool S 236
  • Container Cooling
  • Parking Cooler
  • Bus A/C Systems

Our general sales and delivery terms will apply exclusively to all deliveries. You will receive our products through our sales partners. Please find a specialized workshop to guarantee a technically correct installation of the product. Version April 2011 printed in Germany by Webasto AG All information corresponds to the knowledge available on the date of printing. Deviations in colour and shape of the figures, mistakes and typographical errors are reserved. All information about equipment and technical data is based on the characteristics of the German market. Changes are reserved. Reproduction, even of extracts, is allowed only with the written approval of Webasto AG.

Webasto Dealer Portal

  • Access via protected login
  • Documentation of all products for downloading
  • Installation instructions
  • Web-based training
  • Access to technical data and applications
  • Assistance in correct product selection (Heavy Duty Capacity Calculator)

Technical Notes
Important note for heaters in vehicles used to transport dangerous goods: For the installation of heaters in vehicles used to transport dangerous goods, the requirements of ADR 2005 (GGVSE = Dangerous Goods Ordinance by Road / Railways) must be fulfilled in addition to the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO). These requirements are fulfilled by the heaters mentioned in the Heaters product catalogue - Air Top 2000 ST, Air Top Evo 3900, Air Top Evo 5500 and Thermo 90 ST, if the ADR-specific instructions of the installation instructions are observed during installation. The heaters may be installed in EX / II and EX / III vehicles only to heat the driver‘s cabin or the engine.


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