Webasto HL90 Workshop Manual

Webasto HL90 Workshop Manual
Webasto HL90

Additional Documentation to be used
This workshop manual contains all information and procedures necessary for the repair of air heaters HL 90. The use of additional documentation is normally not necessary. Operating instructions/ installation instructions and the vehicle specific installation proposal may be used as complementary information as necessary.

Safety Information and Regulations
The general safety regulations for the prevention of accidents and the relevant operating safety instructions have to be observed at all times. "General Safety Regulations" beyond the scope of these regulations are detailed in the following. The specific safety regulations applicable to this manual are highlighted in the individual chapters by Warnings, Cautions, and Notes.

Legal Provisions for Installation
Within the scope of the StVZO (Road Licensing Regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany) "Design General Approvals", laid down by the Federal Office for Motor Traffic, exist for the Air Heaters HL 90 with the following official marks of conformity:

The installation of the heaters is to be performed in accordance with the installation instructions and must be checked in case of

  1. the vehicle type inspection in accordance with § 20 StVZO
  2. the individual inspection in accordance with § 21 StVZO or
  3. the examination in accordance with § 19 StVZO performed by an officially authorised expert or examiner for road traffic, a vehicle inspector or a public servant as per section 4 of Annex VIII to the StVZO.

In the event of c) the installation must be certified on the acceptance certificate formsheet included in the copy of the "General Operating License" or on a formsheet according to the specimen of an “approval” included in the Traffic rules 1994, Page 148. This validates the "Design General Approval". The acceptance certificate must be kept with the vehicle. The year of first operation must be permanently marked on the identification label by removing the numerals of the years not applicable.

The heat exchanger of the air heater remains serviceable for a maximum of 10 years and must then be replaced with an original spare part by the manufacturer or by one of its authorized workshops. The heater must then be provided with a label marked with the sales date and with the words "Original Spare".

When replacing the heat exchanger it is mandatory to also replace the overheat protection element (temperature limiter) to avoid possible malfunctions of old temperature limiters in use. Should exhaust pipes be routed through rooms accommodating persons, these pipes shall also be renewed after 10 years by original spare parts. When removing the heater the gasket below must be renewed.

The heaters are cleared for heating the passenger and driver cabins but not for heating compartments intended for the transportation of dangerous goods. The use of the heater in special vehicles (e.g. vehicles for the transportation of dangerous goods ADR) or vehicles not subject to the StZVO (e.g. ships) are ruled by partially regional regulations.

Heating Air System
Heating air intake openings must be arranged so that under normal operating conditions exhaust fumes of the vehicle engine or air heater are not likely to be expected. Extracting combustion air from the vehicle interior is not permissible.

Combustion Air Line
The combustion air required must be taken from the exterior. Within rooms accommodating persons, the combustion air lines must not have more than four disconnects and a splash-water protected exterior wall feedthrough. The disconnects must be sealed in a way not to exceed a leak rate of 200 l/h at an overpressure of 0.5 mbar. The line including feedthrough, disconnects, material and specific type must be described in the installation instructions. The line must require tools for installation and removal, must be protected against damage, and must be shockproof.


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