Webasto Catalogue PDF

Webasto Catalogue PDF
Webasto Catalogue

All deliveries made by us shall be governed exclusively by our conditions of sale and delivery. This price list supersedes and renders invalid the previous product catalogue 2009. Subject to change without prior notice.

Please take also note of the Webasto Accessories Catalogue for Air and Water heaters (Part no. 9012207C). The following abbreviations have been used with article names and type of packaging of the respective products:

  • SOD = Scope of delivery
  • UGK = Upgrade kit
  • SP = Spare Part
  • SP-HT = Spare Part Heater
  • D = Diesel
  • P = Petrol
  • AC = Air condition
  • ACC = Automatic Climate Control
  • Assy. = Assembly
  • MY = Model Year
  • MR = Model Range
  • CU = Control Unit
  • AM = Aftermarket
  • compl. = Complete

Webasto Technical notes
When installing the heaters in vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods, the requirements laid down in ADR 2005 (Technical Guidelines relating to the ordinance of transporting hazardous goods on the road) must be fulfilled in addition to those of the StVZO (Regulations Authorizing the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic). The heaters Air Top 2000 ST, Air Top Evo 3900, Air Top Evo 5500 and Thermo 90 ST which are named in the Product Catalogue are in compliance with the requirements mentioned above, provided the ADRspecific notes contained in the installation instructions are observed during installation. In type EX/II and EX/III vehicles, the heaters may only be installed for heating the driver's cab or the engine.

Important note pertaining to heaters installed on boats and ships:
Government regulations that may vary in the different regions may exist concerning the mode, installation and design of heaters designed for installation on boats. Compliance with such regulations is checked and verified by various authorities. Please inform yourself which regulations may apply in the region where you wish to operate your boat so that you can take these regulations into consideration when selecting the heater and planning its installation. For the installation and/or routing of fuel lines inside engine compartments, only components meeting the requirements of EN ISO 7840 may be used.

Please also note: When installing in the motor compartment of a boat all respective fuel supply components must be fireproof, according to EN ISO 7840. To comply with this the following components have to be ordered additionally: 1311330A Damping protection fuel pump 66958B Fuel supply kit, 64891A Connection tube rubber, 64892A fuel tube stainless steel.

Important note pertaining to the installation of compact roof-top air conditioning systems: The design of the compact roof-top systems may change the strength properties of vehicle cabs and must thus be checked and discussed with the vehicle manufacturer. Respective regulations reporting the technical state of the art have to be complied with.

Webasto Water Heating Systems
Water Stations and Water station DBW 2010 / 2016
The Marine water stations are professional solutions designed to be used everyday and under all circumstances. The water stations have compact dimensions in all capacities (11,6 kW to 35 kW) and are assembled in a stainless steel tray, fitted in a noise-insulated plastic enclosure and operate very quietly. All systems have a winter mode with freeze protection (230 V / 750 Watt).

The following abbreviations are valid for below listed water stations:

  1. CH = central heating unit will supply hot water to radiatiors and/or heat exchangers with fan
  2. BC = central heating and heating up domestic water in Webasto boiler, automatically controlled
  3. T = central heating and heating up domestic water through plate heat exchanger, automatically controlled
  4. C = Chiller integration, for integration in Blue Cool Chiller Systems.

Scope of delivery: Heater fitted on stainless steel tray, enclosure, control panel in Bticino style, pressure and temperature gage, overpressure valve, fuel filter, stainless steel buffer tank with electric heating, 230 V / 750 W element.

Webasto Freight hold heating Casette
Using a Webasto casette, freight holds with a moderated temperature of 65°C can be heated. This heatin g mode prevents excessively high temperatures near the air outlet grid and therewith, possible damage of the valuable freight. The Thermo 90ST edition has a ventilation for freight hold temperature control; DBW 2010 has two of these ventilations. This enables specific control of two freight areas independently from each other. The DBW 2016 version has even more heating capacity: Besides a pre-mounted heat exchanger (11 kW) this version has also a connection for an additional heat exchanger. The 5 kW ventilation of that latter can be used to warm up even bigger freight hold areas. Scope of delivery Thermo 90 ST Casette: Heater pre-mounted on stainless steel base, all electrical parts connected, tank connection, fuel supply tube, 1 metre exhaust tube, exhaust silencer, small parts


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