Volkswagen id.4 Owner's Manual

Volkswagen id.4 Owner's Manual
Volkswagen id4

Owner's manual Volkswagen ID.4 Edition 10.2020
Thank you for choosing Volkswagen By purchasing this Volkswagen, you have become the owner of a vehicle fitted with the most up-to-date technology and a multitude of convenience functions for your use and enjoyment. Before using your vehicle for the first time, please read and observe the information in this owner's manual. It will quickly help you to become familiar with your vehicle and all of its functions as well as making you aware of dangers to yourself and others and of how these dangers can be avoided.

If you have any further questions about your vehicle, or if you think that the vehicle wallet has not covered everything, please get in touch with your Volkswagen dealership. They will always be happy to deal with your questions, suggestions or problems. We hope you enjoy driving your new vehicle. Happy motoring.

Volkswagen AG works continuously to develop and further improve all vehicle types and models. Please understand that we must therefore reserve the right to alter any part of the vehicle and its equipment or technical specifications at any time. The data provided concerning scope of delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions, weights, standards and vehicle functions are all correct at the time of going to print. Some of the equipment and functions described might not yet be available or may be available only in certain countries. Information about this is available from your local Volkswagen dealership.

The vehicle illustrated on the cover may have certain items of optional equipment which are only available at extra cost, or which are only available in certain markets. Your Volkswagen dealership will be able to inform you about variations in different countries. Subject to alteration and amendment. No legal commitment may be inferred from the information, illustrations or descriptions in this manual. No part of this manual may be reprinted, reproduced or translated without the written permission of Volkswagen AG.

About this owner’s manual
This owner's manual is valid for all model types and versions of your Volkswagen. The owner's manual describes all equipment and models without indicating whether the equipment is optional or specific to the model type. This means that your vehicle may not have some of the equipment described, or it may only be available in certain markets. The scope of equipment fitted in your vehicle can be found in the sales documentation and you can contact your Volkswagen dealership for further information. A passenger car is described in this owner’s manual. Depending on the market-specific vehicle approval, the model version may also be a light commercial vehicle.

All data in this owner's manual correspond to the information available at the time of going to print. Because the vehicle is constantly being developed and further improved, there may be differences between your vehicle and the data in this owner's manual. No discrepancy in data, illustrations or descriptions shall form the basis for any legal claim.

Please ensure that the complete vehicle wallet is always in the vehicle if you lend or sell the vehicle to someone else. Volkswagen also recommends restoring the Infotainment system to factory settings in order to delete all personal data.


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