Toyota Pallet Trucks 6HBW30-6TB50 Service Manual

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Toyota Pallet Trucks. Perform all of the scheduled checks and maintenance during the suggested intervals. the intervals given in this guide are based on normal operating conditions. When operating under abnormal or severe conditions, perform these services more often as required to keep the unit in good operating condition. Refer to the Appendix for lubrication equivalents. Refer to the manufacturer’s supplements for components not listed on the following pages.

Manual Coast is an operating mode where the brake remains released at all times and speed is restricted to 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h). Manual coast is intended for order picking while walking beside the pallet truck. The manual coast system uses a manually actuated spring loaded plunger to keep the control handle in the travel (brake released) position.

Toyota Pallet Trucks Service Manual. To engage manual coast, the control handle is lowered into the operating range and the "flip over" coast selector is engaged. Manual coast is disengaged by reversing the above process. When manual coast is engaged, coast interlock switch (SW27) activates RLY2, supplying a Mode Select 1 input at PMC-3. This input, in conjunction with the status of the mode select input at PMC-4, creates a fixed PWM (40%) to the traction motor armature circuit. This limits the fixed speed to 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h).

Toyota Service Manual. Even with the manual coast lever in the no coast position, maximum speed is limited to 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h) as the motor controller is restricted to speed mode M1. Top (rabbit) speed in both directions is selected by pressing and releasing the rabbit button while forward or reverse travel is requested through the twist

Travel in forks-first direction will continue until the emergency reverse switch (SW7) is released. When the emergency reverse mode is activated, the motor controller ceases to respond to the normal travel command from the directional/ speed control. To reset the truck for normal travel, return the directional/speed control to the neutral position.

The lift/lower system consists of an electrically operated hydraulic pump and related components. The hydraulic pump assembly consists of a positive displacement rotary gear pump with reservoir mounted to an adapter. A DC electric motor is mounted to the opposite side of the pump adapter. An adjustable relief valve, check valve, and a solenoid operated release valve are located within the adapter. With the forks elevated, the normally-closed solenoid valve and the check valve prevent hydraulic fluid from returning to the reservoir.

Toyota Pallet Trucks 6HBW30-6TB50

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