2015 Tesla Model S Owner's Manual

2015 Tesla Model S Owner's Manual
2015 Tesla Model S PDF Manual

Unlocking When the Key Doesn't Work. If Model S does not unlock when you walk up to it, or when you press the unlock button on your key, the key’s battery may be dead. If this is the case, you can still unlock and drive Model S.

2015 Tesla Model S Owner's Manual To unlock Model S (and disable the security alarm), first position the key near the base of the passenger side windshield wiper, as shown. Then press the passenger door handle. It is important to position the key in the correct position. If Model S doesn't unlock, try adjusting the position of the key.

2015 Tesla Model S User Manual To drive Model S, place the key against the center console, immediately below the 12V power outlet, then press and hold the brake pedal to turn Model S on.

2015 Tesla Model S PDF Manual Opening Interior Doors with No Power, If Model S has no electrical power, front doors open as usual using the interior door handles. To open the rear doors, fold back the edge of the carpet below the rear seats to expose the mechanical release cable. Pull the mechanical release cable toward the center.

2015 Tesla Model S Service Manual To stop a powered liftgate while it is moving, single-click the Trunk button on the key. Then, when you double-click the Trunk button, it moves again, but in the opposite direction (provided it was not almost entirely open or closed when you stopped it). For example, if you single-click to stop the liftgate while it is opening, when you double-click, it closes.


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