SEAT Cordoba User Manuals, Service Manual pdf

SEAT Cordoba User Manuals, Service Manual pdf
SEAT Cordoba

This owner's manual and the corresponding supplements should be read carefully to familiarise yourself with your vehicle. Also, the regular care and maintenance and correct handling of the vehicle will contribute to preserve its value. For safety reasons, note the information concerning accessories, modifications and parts exchange. If selling the vehicle, give all of the onboard documentation to the new owner as this should be kept with the vehicle. Seat Cordoba Owners Manual,Seat Cordoba User Manual,Seat Cordoba Service Manual,Seat Cordoba Repair Manual,Seat Cordoba Maintenance Manual,Seat Cordoba Workshop Manual,Seat Cordoba Parts Catalog,Seat Cordoba Wiring Diagrams.

Before reading this manual it must be understood
This manual describes the vehicle equipment at the time of publication. Some of the equipment described here will not be available until a later date, or is available only in certain markets. Because this is a general manual for the CORDOBA, some of the equipment and functions that are described in this manual are not included in all types or variants of the model; they may vary or be modified depending on the technical requirements and on the market; this should is in no way be interpreted as dishonest advertising.

Illustrations are intended as a general guide, and may vary from the equipment fitted in your vehicle in some details. The direction indications (left, right, front, rear) appearing in this manual refer to the normal forward working direction of the vehicle except when otherwise indicated.

File NameLink
SEAT Cordoba Owners Manuals.pdf
Seat Cordoba 2008 Owners Manual [en]
Seat Cordoba 2007 Owners Manual [en]
Seat Cordoba 2006 Owners Manual
Seat Cordoba 2005 Owners Manual
File NameLink
Seat Cordoba Schaltplan.pdf
Seat Cordoba 1995-2003 Service Repair Manual
Seat Cordoba 1993-1999 Service and Repair Manual
Seat Cordoba 1993 to 1999 wiring diagrams

This manual is structured to give you the information you need as quickly and clearly as possible. The contents of this Manual are grouped into relatively short sections making up chapters (e.g. “Air conditioning”). The entire manual is divided into five large:

  1. Safety First: Information on the vehicle equipment relating to passive safety such as seat belts, airbags, seats, etc.
  2. Controls and equipment: Information about the distribution of controls in the driver position of the vehicle, about the seat adjustment possibilities, how to create a suitable climate in the passenger compartment, etc.
  3. Tips and Maintenance: Advice relating to driving, care and maintenance of your vehicle and certain problems which you may solve yourself.
  4. Technical Data: Figures, values and the dimensions of your vehicle.
  5. Alphabetic index: At the end of this manual there is a detailed alphabetical index, this will help you to rapidly find the information you require.

Loading the luggage compartment
All luggage and other loose objects must be safely secured in the luggage compartment. Unsecured objects which shift back and forth could affect safety or driving characteristics of the vehicle by shifting the centre of gravity.

  1. Distribute the load evenly in the luggage compartment.
  2. Lay and stow heavy luggage as far forward as possible in the luggage compartment.
  3. Stow heavy luggage as low as possible in the luggage compartment.


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