Rotax SI-PAC-025 Service Instruction

Rotax SI-PAC-025 Service Instruction
Rotax SI-PAC-025 Service Manual

Optional mounting kit for AC-DC Converter for ROTAX® Aircraft Engines
ATA System: 24-00-00 Electric Power
Planning information: “PAC” Service Instruction Documents provide detailed information on ROTAX® Aircraft Engine Parts and Accessories. Depending on the engine type used, the referenced parts and accessories may be provided with or without EASA certification or ASTM compliance. Certification / Compliance of referenced Parts and Accessories must in such cases be completed by the aircraft OEM. To obtain satisfactory results, procedures specified in this publication must be accomplished with accepted methods in accordance with prevailing legal regulations. BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of work performed in accomplishing the requirements of this publication

Refer to the latest issue of the relevant Illustrated Parts Catalog of your specific engine type:
The optional mounting brackets may be declared as part of the electric system on aircraft-side and so might not be a part of the Engine Type Design. Such a PAC part has been then tested and released by BRP-Rotax, but it might not be certified for the relevant engine type. In such a case the correct function in conjunction with the entire system is the responsibility of the aircraft manufacturer and must be carried out jointly with the aircraft.

Concurrent ASB/SB/SI and SL
In addition to this Service Instruction PAC the following Service documents must be observed and complied with: In general all relevant Alert Service Bulletins (ASB), Service Bulletins (SB), Service Instructions (SI), Service Letters (SL), Service Instruction Parts and Accessories (SI-PAC).

In addition to this technical information refer to current issue of

  • in general Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) and in particular:
  • Chapter 76-10-00
  • in general Operators Manual (OM)
  • in general Installation Manual (IM)
  • in general Maintenance Manual Line (MML) and in particular:
  • Chapter 12-20-00
  • in general Maintenance Manual Heavy (MMH) and in particular:
  • Chapter 76-10-00

- ROTAX® reserves the right to make any amendments to existing documents, which might become necessary due to this standardization, at the time of next revision or issue.
NOTE: Before maintenance, review the entire documentation to make sure you have a complete understanding of the procedure and requirements.

Accomplishment All measures must be implemented and confirmed by at least one of the following persons or organizations:

  • ROTAX® Airworthiness representatives
  • ROTAX® Authorized Distributors or their independent Service Centers
  • Persons approved by the respective Aviation Authorities
  • Persons with approved qualifications for the corresponding engine types. Only authorized persons (iRMT, Level Heavy Maintenance) are entitled to carry out this work.

Fuel filter for ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Further material on general inspection, maintenance and repair can also be found in relevant Advisory Circular AC 43.13 from FAA.