Optional oil system parts for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Optional oil system parts for ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Optional oil system parts for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

The optional oil system parts may be declared as part of the oil system on aircraft-side and so might not be a part of the Engine Type Design. Such a PAC part has been then tested and released by BRP-Rotax, but it might not be certified for the relevant engine type. In such a case the correct function in conjunction with the entire system is the responsibility of the aircraft manufacturer and must be carried out jointly with the aircraft.

In addition to this technical information refer to current issue of

  • Operators Manual (OM)
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)
  • Installation Manual (IM)
  • Maintenance Manual Line (MML)
  • Maintenance Manual Heavy (MMH)
Part no. Qty/engine Description
242873 4 Hex. nut M22x1.5
230387 2 Gasket ring 14.2/18/2
840461 2 Nipple 13.2/9.5 - M14x1.5
956577 2 Adapter M18x1.5/M14x1.5
956580 AR Bent socket assy.
924585 AR Angular tube M14x1.5
956610 AR Hose nipple with union nut
956643 2 Adapter 3/4-16 UNF (8AN) / M14.5
956572 2 Adapter M22X1.5 / M14X1.5
956648 2 Adapter 7/8-14 UNF (10AN) / M14X1.5
956685 2 Adapter M22X1.5 / M22X1.5
956680 2 Adapter 7/8-14 UNF (10AN) / M22X1.5
250735 2 Gasket ring A 14x20

NOTE: ROTAX® does not supply UNF oil hose fittings. Use 37° flared connectors (ISO 8434-2) sizes 3/4-16 (8AN) and 7/8-14 (10AN) as required.

Part no. Qty/engine Description
956610 AR Hose nipple with union nut
956580 AR Bent socket
951826 AR Hose clamp

* only applicable for oil tank and oil tank covers with M18x1.5 connectors.
NOTE: Metric connectors must meet specifications DIN 3863 Type U.

All measures must be implemented and confirmed by at least one of the following persons or organizations:

  • ROTAX® - Airworthiness representatives
  • ROTAX® - Authorized Distributors or their independent Service Centers
  • Persons approved by the respective Aviation Authority
  • Persons with approved qualifications for the corresponding engine types. Only authorized persons (iRMT, Level Heavy Maintenance) are entitled to carry out this work.

The oil hoses, oil radiators and its connectors are not included in the de- livery of the engine. Maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer's instructions.


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