Installation Manual for ROTAX Engine Type 914 Series

Installation Manual for ROTAX Engine Type 914 Series
Installation Manual for ROTAX Engine Type 914 Series

This Installation Manual for the ROTAX® aircraft engines Type 914 Series should only be used as a general installation guide for the installation of ROTAX® engines into airframes. It should not be used as instruction for the installation of a ROTAX ® aircraft engine in a specific type of airframe or airplane. BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG does not assume any warranty or liability in this context.


  • 4-stroke, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed, spark ignition engine with turbocharger, single central camshaft hydraulic tappets – push rods – OHV
  • Liquid cooled cylinder heads
  • Ram air cooled cylinders
  • Dry sump forced lubrication
  • Dual ignition of breakerless capacitor discharge design
  • 2 constant depression carburetors and airbox
  • 2 electric fuel pumps (12 V DC)
  • Electric starter (standard or starter with extended power output)
  • Stainless steel exhaust system
  • Expansion tank (coolant)
  • Engine suspension frame
  • Integrated AC generator with external rectifier-regulator (12 V 20 A DC)
  • Propeller drive thru integrated gearbox with shock absorber and overload clutch (optional on configuration UL2)
  • Oil tank
  • External start relay
  • Drive of hydraulic governor (on configuration 3 only)

These documents form the instructions ensuring continued airworthiness of ROTAX® aircraft engines. The information contained herein is based on data and experience that are considered applicable for authorized mechanics (iRMT, see Maintenance Manual Line) under normal conditions for engine removal and installation. Concerning design of engine installation in depth knowledge of aircraft design is required. Due to the fast technical progress and fulfillment of particular specifications of the customers it may occur that existing laws, safety prescriptions, constructional and operational regulations may not be sufficient or cannot be transferred completely to the object bought, in particular for special constructions.


  1. Installation Manual
  2. Operators Manual
  3. Maintenance Manual (Line and Heavy Maintenance)
  4. Overhaul Manual
  5. Illustrated Parts Catalog
  6. Alert Service Bulletin
  7. Service Bulletin
  8. Service Instruction / Service Instruction-Parts and Accessories
  9. Service Letter

Replacement pages
Furthermore the Manual is constructed in such a way that single pages can be replaced instead of the complete document. The list of affected pages is given in the chapter LEP. The particular edition and revision number is given on the footer of each page.

This Manual is only part of the technical documentation and will be supplemented by the respective Operators Manual, Maintenance Manuals and Illustrated Parts Catalog.

  Pos. (+) Neg. (-) Total

Max. dimension in x-Axis
[mm (in)]

Max. dimension in y-Axis
[mm (in)]
Max. dimension in z-Axis
[mm (in)]

All distances are given in relation to the reference coordinate system (P).


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