B.U.D.S. Aircraft Installation Instructions and Update for ROTAX Engine

B.U.D.S. Aircraft Installation Instructions and Update for ROTAX Engine
B.U.D.S. Aircraft Installation Instructions

B.U.D.S. Aircraft Installation Instructions and Update for ROTAX® Engine Types 916 i, 915 i, 912 i and 914 Series. This SI revises SI-916 i B-002 / 915 i-002 R1/ 912 i-002R3 dated 04 November 2020.

Planning information
To obtain satisfactory results, procedures specified in this publication must be accomplished with accepted methods in accordance with prevailing legal regulations. BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of work performed in accomplishing the requirements of this publication.

Material Information
2.1) Material
B.U.D.S. Aircraft is available free of charge online via www.flyrotax.com. See Chapter 3.4).
2.2) Company support information
2.3) Material requirement per engine
2.4) Material requirement per spare part
2.5) Rework of parts
2.6) Special tooling/lubricants-/adhesives-/sealing compounds

For using and starting B.U.D.S. Aircraft with 916 i, 915 i and 912 i Series, a USB-toCAN converter (B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set) is required.
Description Part no.
B.U.D.S. Set level 1 - Viewer Software 864021
B.U.D.S. Set level 2 - Viewer Software 864022
B.U.D.S. Set level 2 - Viewer Software 864023

This table provides a rough overview on the functionalities available with each B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set. Contact your authorized ROTAX® distributor for detailed advice.

Accomplishment / Instructions
- ROTAX® reserves the right to make any amendments to existing documents, which might become necessary at the time of next revision or issue. NOTE: Before maintenance, review the entire documentation to make sure you have a complete understanding of the procedure and requirements

Download B.U.D.S. Aircraft
B.U.D.S. Aircraft can be downloaded via the ROTAX® Aircraft Engines official website. Therefore, a proper internet connection is required (file size: approx. 100 MB). NOTE: Installation and usage of B.U.D.S. Aircraft does not require a connection to the internet.

  1. Open preferred Internet Browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).
  2. Open www.flyrotax.com.
  3. Select ”Services”.
  4. Select ”Technical Documentation”.
  5. Choose respective ”Engine Type” (916 i, 915 i, 912 i or 914 Series engine).
  6. Choose ”Document Type”: Software.
  7. Select ”Search Database”.
  8. Search for the latest “BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software B.U.D.S. Aircraft” Software and select the file name in the “Download” column.
  9. Depending on the browser used, the software will either be directly downloaded to a default “Downloads” folder or the user is asked where it should be stored. In the second case select an appropriate folder where the software should be stored.
  10. Once the download has been successfully completed, navigate to the B.U.D.S. Aircraft Installer using the Windows-Explorer. Now the software can be installed or copied onto a removable media.

Install B.U.D.S. Aircraft
NOTE: To install or uninstall B.U.D.S. Aircraft, administrator rights are required for the Windows user performing the installation. The B.U.D.S. Aircraft Installer can either be downloaded (See section 3.4 Download B.U.D.S. Aircraft) or be transferred onto the PC or Laptop by using a removable media. It is not necessary to have any other prerequisite software preinstalled.

  1. Connect the B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set to a USB Port of the PC or Laptop. For 914 Series, connect USB-to-Serial converter to a USB port of the PC or Laptop and configure to either COM1 or COM2 port.
  2. Navigate to the B.U.D.S. Aircraft installer using the Windows-Explorer and execute it. Then follow the instructions of the installation dialog.
  3. Once the installation has been completed, B.U.D.S. Aircraft can be executed by using the desktop icon or the start menu entry created.

Starting and using B.U.D.S. Aircraft with 916 i, 915 i and 912 i Series engines

  1. Connect the B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set to a USB Port of the PC or Laptop.
  2. Execute B.U.D.S. Aircraft by using the desktop icon or the start menu entry.
  3. When starting B.U.D.S. Aircraft the first time, enter the serial number and the activation key and select “OK”.

The serial number, which is printed on the B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set, must be entered numeric without any dots, special characters or letters (e.g. “1234567”).

The activation key is a 16-digit code containing letters and digits. Only use capital characters. It does not matter if the special character “-“, which is separating the key into four blocks is entered or not. The activation is uniquely assigned to one B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set serial number and can be found on the lid of the B.U.D.S. Aircraft Set packaging, which should not be discarded for this reason.


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