Opel Vivaro Owner's manual

Opel Vivaro Owner's manual
Opel Vivaro

The Opel Vivaro has everything it takes to get the job done. The presence of a front-line flagship, a comfortable cabin and spacious load area. reliability, fuel economy and flexCare after-sales support mean your Vivaro’s always ready to put in a shift. With the Opel Vivaro, you get the job done effectively and with the efficiency of a pro. Highly flexible, and packed with comfort and convenience features, the Vivaro offers business users a voluminous cargo area and hefty payloads to contribute to your productivity

This Owner's Manual provides you with all the necessary information to enable you to drive your vehicle safely and efficiently. Make sure your passengers are aware of the possible risk of accident and injury which may result from improper use of the vehicle. You must always comply with the specific laws and regulations of the country that you are in. These laws may differ from the information in this Owner's Manual. Opel Vivaro Owners manual,Opel Vivaro User manual,Opel Vivaro Service manual,Opel Vivaro Repair manual,Opel Vivaro maintenance manual,Opel Vivaro Wiring diagrams,Opel Vivaro Fault codes, opel dealership.

When this Owner's Manual refers to a workshop visit, we recommend your Opel Service Partner. All Opel Service Partners provide first-class service at reasonable prices. Experienced mechanics trained by Opel work according to specific Opel instructions. The customer literature pack should always be kept ready to hand in the vehicle.

Central locking system
Unlocks and locks the front doors, sliding side doors, load compartment and fuel filler flap. With the 3-button remote control, the front doors and sliding side doors/load compartment can be unlocked and locked separately. For safety reasons, the vehicle cannot be locked if the key is in the ignition switch.

The system is part of the ignition switch and checks whether the vehicle is allowed to be started with the key being used. The immobiliser is activated automatically after the key has been removed from the ignition switch and also if the key is left in the ignition switch when the engine is turned off. If the engine cannot be started, switch off the ignition and remove key, wait approx. 2 seconds and then repeat the start attempt. If start attempt is unsuccessful, attempt to start the engine using the spare key and seek the assistance of a workshop.


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