Mitsubishi Outlander XL Owners Manual 2013

Mitsubishi Outlander XL Owners Manual 2013
2013 Mitsubishi Outlander XL Owners Manual

Thank you for buying a MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER. We are confident you will enjoy your vehicle. It has been engineered for optimum performance, durability and comfort. By thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the OUTLANDER. The Owner’s Manual contains descriptions and illustrations that will assist in the operation and maintenance of your vehicle.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL Your Authorized Mitsubishi Motors Dealer will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have regarding the operation of your vehicle. Please note that this manual applies to all OUTLANDER models and explains all features including options. Some features explained in this manual may not be installed on your vehicle.

Please leave this Owner’s Manual in the vehicle at the time of resale. The next owner will appreciate having access to the information contained here. This manual includes instructions for standard and optional equipment available at the time of printing. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications and to make additions or improvements in its product without assuming any obligation to install these on previously manufactured products. mitsubishi outlander,mirage mitsubishi,mitsubishi mirage,mitsubishi lancer,mitsubishi dealers,mitsubishi dealer,dealership mitsubishi,mitsubishi outlander sport,mitsubishi suv,mitsubishi outlander 2018,2018 mits outlander,mitsubishi 2018 outlander,outlander reviews,car mirage,2020 mitsubishi mirage.

Genuine Mitsubishi Motors parts
Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured to meet high standards of performance, and are recommended for all of your maintenance needs. Also available from your Mitsubishi Motors dealer are a wide variety of accessories to personalize your new vehicle. Each Mitsubishi Motors vehicle has a selection of Mitsubishi Motors authorized accessories to choose from to tailor your new vehicle to your own personal preference. Your Mitsubishi Motors dealer’s Parts Manager has information on various audio systems, protection items, as well as interior and exterior accessories available for your specific model.

Gasoline detergent additives
In the United States, fuel suppliers are required by law to add detergents to their gasoline to minimize fuel-injector fouling and minimize intake-valve deposits. Detergent gasoline helps keep your engine in tune and your emission-control system working properly.

Octane requirement
2.4 liter engine model
Your vehicle is designed to operate on unleaded gasoline having a minimum octane number of 87 [(MON+RON)/2] or 91RON.

3.0 liter engine model
Unleaded gasoline having an octane number of 87 [(MON+RON)/2] or 91 RON may be used, though it recommended your vehicle be operated on premium grade unleaded gasoline having a minimum octane number of 91 [(MON+RON)/2], or 95 RON. To get maximum performance, premium gasoline is recommended.

Oxygenated gasoline
Gasoline sold at some service stations contains oxygenates such as ethanol, although the oxygenates may not be identified by those names. Oxygenates are required in some areas of the country. Such fuel can be used in your vehicle.

Ethanol (Gasohol)
A mixture of up to 10 % ethanol (grain alcohol) and 90 % unleaded gasoline may be used in your vehicle, provided the octane number is at least as high as that recommended for unleaded gasoline.

Do not operate your vehicle on gasoline containing methanol (wood alcohol). Using this type of alcohol could adverselyaffect the vehicle’s performance and damage critical parts ofthe vehicle’s fuel system.

Reformulated gasoline
Many areas of the country require the use of cleaner burning fuel referred to as “Reformulated Gasoline”. Reformulated gasoline contains oxygenates and is specially blended to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation strongly supports the use of reformulated gasoline. Properly blended reformulated gasoline has no adverse effect on vehicle performance or the durability of engine and fuel system.

Modifications to and racing of your vehicle
This vehicle should not be modified with non-Mitsubishi Motors genuine parts. Mitsubishi Motors designs and manufactures high quality vehicles with an emphasis on safety and durability. Modifications using non-Mitsubishi Motors genuine parts may affect the performance, safety and/or durability of your vehicle, and may violate applicable state and/or federal regulations.


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