Mercury Marauder Owner's, Workshop and Service Manuals

Mercury Marauder Owner's, Workshop and Service Manuals
Mercury Marauder

In ancient Roman mythology, Mercury was messenger of the heavens, renowned for speed and agility. Throughout our history, one vehicle has aligned most closely with these attributes: Mercury Marauder. Debuting at the dawn of the muscle-car era, the first Marauder established its performance credentials immediately. An available 4o6-cu.-in. V-8 delivered 405 hp, powering Parnelli Jones to victory at the 1963 Pikes Peak Hill Climb and setting a new stock car record. 1964’s “Super Marauder” 427-cu.-in. V-8 featured twin 4-barrel carbs, high-compression pistons and 425 hp, while ’69’s Marauder X-100 boasted 429 cu. in. and a top speed of 125 mph. A legend was born. Mercury Marauder user manual,Mercury Marauder owner's manual,Mercury Marauder service manual,Mercury Marauder repair manual,Mercury Marauder workshop manual,Mercury Marauder maintenance manual,Mercury Marauder wiring diagrams,Mercury Marauder fault codes.

This performance heritage has guided engineers in the design of Mercury Marauder, circa 2004. Like its predecessors, it brilliantly balances racetrack performance with street refinement. But with modern technology powering the Marauder nameplate, this is one sequel that’s better than the original. "If you love what Detroit once stood for - power, boldness, comfort you’ve found a home,” says USA TODAY.

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As loaded in muscle as it is in attitude, the 2004 Marauder is the authentic American street machine. In classic black, with engine revving and lights glaring, it projects as menacing a stance as you’ll ever see on four 18" alloy wheels. Hot Rod magazine calls it "... a message only to those in the know.” After hearing the dual exhaust growl, you understand. Immediately. If you’re prepared to make a bold statement, align yourself with the winged god. You’ll find him throughout Mercury Marauder.

From the outset, Mercury engineers sought to make the 2004 Marauder as authentic, menacing and utterly compelling as the original. That’s clear from the rear, where "... the taillights, turn signals and back-up lights are smoked as dark as the DOT will allow,” says Hot Rod magazine. It’s also clear under the hood, where an all-aluminum V-8 with dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder and a 10.1:1 compression ratio rumbles. That’s only the beginning. Marauder comes stock with a host of performance items that look like they came out of any rodder’s wish list. They’re all standard, and all uniquely Marauder.

American muscle has long been spelled V-8. And the mill under Marauder’s raked hood is a 302-hp all-aluminum gem. 07 DOHC 32-Valve V-8 For starters, the block is bored out to 4.6 liters, then fitted with high-compression pistons. Add 4 valves per cylinder, driven by a pair of high-lift dual overhead camshafts. A high-flow filter, zip tube and intake system channel air freely to dual bores - which measure a fat 57mm each - allowing the throttle body to breathe deeply. The result? A trip back in time to muscle-car glory days. “Under the hood, the Marauder roars with power that lives up to its high-performance heritage,”


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