Massey Ferguson 5100 Draper Header Parts Catalog Manual

Massey Ferguson 5100 Draper Header Parts Catalog Manual
Massey Ferguson 5100

This book is printed in two sections. The first section contains a current page listing, an alphabetized table of contents, and a numerical index with location of all part numbers included in this catalog.

The second section includes a part number listing, referenced to item numbers on the illustrated pages. All pages will carry the issue date and the machine model number (#) to assist in identifying the machine to which the parts catalog applies. When changes to the machine make it necessary, revised pages for this catalog will be issued. The revised pages will be issued with the same page numbers as those they replace and the "revision" number and date will be advanced.

Whenever a page of this catalog is re-issued, the “current page listing" will also be re-issued. This listing will show the issue date of each page as a check sheet covering the entire catalog. It is imperative that revised parts catalog pages be inserted into their respective locations as soon as received, failure to do so will lead to confusion when ordering parts.

Hex bolts, hex cap screws, hex washer head machine screws, round head square neck bolts and hex nuts are Grade 5 plated unless otherwise specified. Hex flange screws and hex flange nuts are Grade 8 plated unless otherwise specified. This does not include hex flange serrated screws. Beginning February 15, 1989, flat washers were changed from wide soft to narrow hardened. Prior to 2/15/89, the abbreviation "P" represented a wide soft flat washer. After 2/15/89, the abbreviation "P" represents a hardened narrow flat washer. The use of any improper grade of hardware can result in the failure of the hardware or related structures, and can cause personal injury, damage to the equipment, or loss of property.


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