Lexus RX Owner’s Service Manuals

Lexus RX Owner’s Service Manuals
Lexus RX Owner’s, Workshop and Repair Manuals

Why take two cars when you can take one? The RX350L and RX450hL are designed to ensure everyone can come along for the ride. With available supple leather-trimmed seats, plenty of legroom and dedicated third-row climate control, the longer the road trip, the better.

Ready to take second-row comfort to first-class standards? Now you can, with luxurious available captain’s chairs.8This configuration seats six and creates an aisle that accentuates the inviting feel of the cabin. Meanwhile, a tilt-and-slide seat feature makes access to the third row even more convenient.

With a distinct floating rooflineand unapologetic accents, the RX stirs your senses before you even get behind the wheel. Outside,you’ll find daring illumination with available Premium Triple-Beam LED headlamps that feature an eye-catching L shape, as well as sleek taillamps. Inside, the three-row RXL features uncompromised styling with added passenger capacity lexus rx 350,lexus rx,lexus suvs,lexus suv,2020 lexus,lexus gx,2020 lexus rx,lexus dealers near me,lexus nx,2020 lexus gx,2020 lexus rx 350,lexus trucks,lexus rx sales,2020 lexus gx 460.

While it boasts the same powerful stance, signature floating roofline and distinctive wraparound LED taillamps as the five-passenger RX,the RXL features one noteworthy addition: a power-folding third row.Crafted to impress as much for its seamless function as for its striking form, the RXL incorporates class-leading cargo space7,11and seating for up to seven in the RX350L and up to six in the RX450hL.8

With room for up to seven passengers in the RX350L and six in the RX450hL,8you can take on all of life’s curves. Whether it’s taking a couple more kids to practice, driving your colleagues to lunch, or making room for your latest antiquing find, the three-row RXL offers more space for more spontaneity.

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Lexus RX450h AWD
Offering the best of all worlds, the 2021 RX Hybrid pairs apotent V6 engine with powerful electric motors for an impressive 308 total system horsepower1and a 30-MPG combined EPA estimate,2along with all-wheel drive performance.

Take the RX350 and RX450h to the next level with bold interior and exterior styling, including exclusive bolstered sport seats,a lower front spoiler and 20-inch alloy wheels with Dark Graphite finish. For added exhilaration, the FSPORT models also offera more advanced Adaptive Variable Suspension, enhanced steering and Sport S+ drive mode.

Lexus RX350
With a dynamic front fascia, the RX350 boasts a 295-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine with eight-speed automatic transmission.Every RX features a suite of premium technology, including Amazon Alexa3compatibility, a touchscreen and available color Head-Up Display. As well as Android Auto™4and Lexus Safety System+ 2.0,5 which includes preceding pedestrian and bicyclist detection.6 Front-wheel drive or available all-wheel drive.

Lexus RX350L / RX450hL AWD
Enjoy the RX in a sleek and stylish three-row configuration. Both models offer ample cargo space7and third-row comforts that include power-folding seats and dedicated climate control. Seats
six with captain’s chairs(standard on RX450hL, available onRX350L)or seven with second-row bench seating8(standard on RX350L). Front-wheel drive(standard on RX350L)or all-wheel drive(standard on RX450hL, available on RX350L).


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